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Cross and Cheerful Purposes

Confusion and confoundment in list discussions

Originally posted Tuesday, 13 April 2010; 14:20

TidBerry Twigsies

Fresh TidBerries in UnSullied State

[cw30101-tidber06.jpg] Fresh TidBerries in UnSullied State

Tidberry availability

TidBits - oops; I mean, TidBerrors - oops; I mean, TidBerries - grow well within reach of anyone participating in a list discussion. There does remain a question of just how visible they are to whom. You DO have to be able to see them to pick them You can eat them if you like; they are very juicy and absolutely delicious. Best when taken with a Dyne Drop.

The workings of Tidberries

It sometimes appears to CharacterIstic Arguers that you can also use them in other ways; perhaps squishing them in the face of a Discussion Opponent. It does seem that at times some lists develop Opponent Character-Istics, started up by some participant who somehow has a concern about rank, status, hierarchy, and power.

Of course, the path of powerplay, with its concerns for rank, status and hierarchy, would lead to no place at all - should no Discussion Participant take up the Arguer's Challenge.

Depending on size and memberhip in an Internet discussion list, the number of participants who might take up a challenge issued by a CharacterIstic Arguer may vary.

If that remark of mine looks impressive, please de-impress yourself, as I do believe it has all the characteristics of a tautology. Mr. Curtis?

TidBerries are not QUITE what they seem, though. If you squish them in the face of an opponent, you can expect a really fierce stain to appear - quite purplish, blue-ish, with maybe some green thrown in.

HOWEVER, have a care! The stain that results from squishing TidBerries in an opponent's face appears - not on the face of the Opponent - but on the face of the TidBerry Squisher!

Well, that's how List Discussions go.

Fabulous Fallacies - a great site to visit!

If you ever start feeling very frustrated during a list discussion, because you KNOW somebody is presenting information that isn't quite right, or using some kind of logic you cannot track, but it sounds fishy to you, then let me suggest you wend your way to this wonderful site on Fallacies. Take your time there. Explore. Enjoy. Don't sweat it, just read, relax, and let things seep in. For a person who suffers from Lack of Logic, as I do, our best learnings occur when we take this relaxed approach. In short, as always, be willing to be confused, because if you are able to hold all in abeyance, one day, it will sink in and make sense to you, suddenly!

P.S. That may be a fallacious statement; on the other hand, you might also find it to be true!

Parts List

More to come.

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