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Powder-meds into capsules

Two ways to get powder into gelcaps

FlyAway powder (Biosponge), Dense sandy powder (Tylosin)

Originally posted Wednesday, 28 October 2009; 18:15:34

Two powdered meds

[c103955cdop-2powd301.jpg] Two powdered meds

Tylosin powder in capsule

[c103923cdop-gelcap202.jpg] 1/8 teaspoon of Tylosin powder in capsule

Parts List

When a dog won't eat powdered meds mixed with food

My dogs got into road-kill. Both developed blood in their stools. Besides being wormed, they were put on a powder called Biosponge.It's a kind of clay, which helps draw bacterial toxins from the system.

Biosponge is a very light, fine powder - if you look at it, it flies everywhere! But it's tamed by being dropped into water, or something wet. It mixes easily.

Kwali went onto Biosponge before Kumbi did - she happily eats it with her food. But KUMBI is another story! Here I was, expecting Kumbi to eat his food with his usual gusto. Perhaps I didn't mix it well enough, so it remained powdery, or maybe he just hates the taste. Either way, he refused his kibble for many days after I'd mixed it (soaked) with Biosponge. So he ate canned exclusivey for most of a week.

I spent two full days trying to learn how to get Biosponge powder into gel caps. What a hassle! I had Biosponge here, Biosponge there, Biosponge everywhere

Finally, I asked pharmacist Ron Kumar for help. Oh! He said, push the two parts of the capsule together in a pile of powder.

That worked!

It took about three and a half size 00 capsules to contain Kumbi's one-meal dose (every 12 hours) of half a teaspoon of Biosponge. The volume of that is about 2.5 milliliters. I felt as though I were spending most of my day making Biosponge capsules. That was true for a few days, but I got better at it, with practice.

My intent here is to save anybody else the hassle I had!

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CREDITS Thanks to pharmacist Ron Kumar, for describing to me the "Powder-Push" method I'm using for the Biosponge "FlyAway" powder.

Thanks to Tech Nancy at Saseenos Veterinary Services, for suggesting the Monoject 412 syringe to get the powder into the gelcaps. This didn't work for Biosponge, but it worked really well for the Tylosin.

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