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Kumbi Ya Sentry X. Twitch y Thunderpaws

19 November 1996 - 8 June 2010

Originally posted Tuesday, 27 July 2010; 01:29

Kumbi at Sentry

[c104600caop-kutbed16.jpg] Kumbi at Sentry

Kumbi was a natural Sentry, choosing the best lookout points. Here he is on his most central in-house Sentry Point - the Trampoline-bed he and Kwali shared so happily for so many years.

Like so many other diabetic dogs, Kumbi died, not of diabetes, but of something else; in this instance, cancer.

A report of Kumbi's death is available on the public forum where I post, with the title. Kumbi died unexpectedly this morning. Then go to page 23, and start with post number 229, to pick up the report of Kumbi's death. To return here, if you follow that link, you will need to use your browser's Back button.

Oh, dear Kumbi, dear Kwali, I carry you with me always; your beautiful lives come teach me, again and again.

And, dear Kumbi; I will always remember you, as long as I live.

More memories to come as time permits

I will be adding more memories here.

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