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Anodyne and Canodyne

Remember: same stuff, different names

The Actual Stuff

of a CanoDyne or Anodyne Drop

Magnified Drop of Canodyne

[cw10115zz-dsvidrop.jpg] One drop of CanoDyne (or Anodyne)
If you lick this off the page
another drop will take its place

Canodyne and Anodyne is the same stuff

Vekkie applies labels and sometimes adds color, but sometimes does not.

Be careful about licking the drops off the page; if you lick too many, you WILL find yourself (if you can still find yourself) out of this Universe.

I suggest no more than three drops MAXIMUM. Two are safer.

In case you thought you once saw a maximum of FIVE drops, perhaps you did, but the starting - I mean, maximum - dose has been cut - almost in half. We had too many instances of creatures leaving this Universe on a maximum of five drops. They haven't, to my knowledge, returned yet, but perhaps someBodyBrain will one day locate them and help them return. If they want to, that is.

Remember to protect your child, dog or cat from overdosing by licking more than one or two of these drops off the page.

Parts List

If confusion rains on you, check Vekkie's Merry Measure

You may then return here to continue.

Especially, you will want to read the first three parts of the Merry Measure series, so you know about Little Novie, Big Vetsie, Carlova, and Vekkie herself.

You will also find relevant information in the Syringe Forest, where various creatures may guide your explorations.

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CAUTION: Remember that the Dynes, CanoDyne and AnoDyne, are extremely powerful solutions. A very little goes a very long way. The power of these Dynes lies partly in my imagination, and partly in yours. You can combine the two, and add Vekkie's, Little Novie's, Big Vetsie's and the CarSister's imaginations to the power of this literally incredible solution.
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