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Team Search for New Dog

Search for New Dog

Kwali and Kumbi look for a dog for me

Originally posted Friday, 06 August 2010; 07:48

Working to locate a new dog

Kumbi and Kwali search for a new dog

[c22972cdop-kukwstmp04.jpg] Kwali and Kumbi search for a dog for me

Kwali joins Kumbi on the Big Stump

Kumbi is slightly taller, so he's in back, on the left, and Kwali is in front, on the right. Both dogs get great views from that location.

We made lists together to describe the sort of dog that would be good for me.

Our Australian Terrier Era of 35 years is now complete, Kwali and Kumbi being the last two. We agreed to look for a different sort of dog this time. Kwali and Kumbi would rather I have one less likely to be dashing into the verge at every bush-rustle, coming up with a quail, or something like that. They think I don't need quail, and would rather watch than eat them.

Don't tell them, please, most dogs will do that; they're not the only supreme hunters, Some might do it less than others - some, more! But not all will be fast enough to guarantee a catch.

Mum, don't be silly. We know that.

Where shall we look?


Good idea, Kwali! That's how I got you! And you, too, Kumbi! Kwali - you were returned to the breeder when you were just short of 1.5 years old. About an hour after you arrived back there, you were mine! I rushed to pick you up!

Me too!

You too, Kumbi, except the breeder brought you out to the house. You simply hadn't been placed, because the breeder hadn't found a home she thought was satisfactory for you.

So you'd take a purebred, right?

I would. Choices in this order: Havanese, Bichon Frise, Miniature Poodle.

The pound

Right, Kwali; I'm watching there.

Other rescue operations

Right on, Kumbi. I'm watching there, too. My choice is always subject to your approval.

Get help from the vets in town.

Hehe; you both said that at the same time! Oh, absolutely! Saseenos has my - and your - information. So does Otter Point Vet. And I don't think the Juan de Fuca clinic is one you'd been to; I'd taken earlier dogs there - they are great vets too. I have a notice there, too.

So lets look at criteria.

Criteria for my new dog

We made a list, but our criteria are approximate, and might be varied some. Above all, we are concerned with health and temperament.

We would like a dog in excellent heath, with no particular health problems looming on the horizon.

Mum needs a small dog; say, 10 to 20 pounds.

The coat should be non-shedding.

Any color except black - but if the dog is otherwise perfectly suited, Mum COULD take black; it's just a lot harder to protect a black dog from overheating in hot summer sun.

Age - from about a year - could accept somewhat less - to five years old. Preferably male - that's a very strong preference.

For temperament, we would like the new dog to get along at least with other dogs, with children as well, and be able to learn to get along with birds such as parrots, with some assistance from me. Not that I plan to have any parrots, but our beloved Parrot Lady has parrots and some other birds.

Best if the dog likes children. Children who can be gentle with dogs. We won't ask a dog to tolerate screaming or racing around in the immediate vicinity of a small dog, nor to accept hair, ear, or tail-pulling. But Mum will see to it her new dog is protected from children too young to manage being gentle with a small dog.

So, to summarize, our basic needs are, dog should be 10 to 20 pounds, non-shedding, preferably male, aged one to five years, in good health, and with good temperament.

Breed or mix suggestions

Our list of suggested breeds and or mixes includes Havanese, Bichon Frise, and Miniature Poodle, or any combination thereof. It's okay if there's some Shih Tzu in the mix, but we don't really want a purebred Shih Tzu, unless there are generations behind the dog who are free of problems with backs, eyes, and the like

Lovely dogs we met included a Bichon-Poodle mix, and a purebred Havanese. Either would have been very suitable, but they went to other Humans before we could acquire either. Then there was the Bichon Frise we also couldn't get to in time. Well, Carol, keep trying. We'll find you the right dog, in time.

That Havanese was WONDERFUL! Turned out not to be available after all.

Okay, Carol, how's that?

Great, Kwali and Kumbi. Thanks so much for your help. I know you're watching, so you'll see when I get a new dog.

What my new dog will have

Mum! For doGness' sake; say what kind of life your new dog will have!

Oh, Kwali; you're so right; I do need to say! Okay, here goes.

Meeting of all a dog's real needs. Here is some description.

In the house - free run of the house, unless needs brief crating for safety, recovery from injury, or house-training. May occupy any couches, beds, he can get on easily. Dog door leading to securely-fenced yard. Yard has varied terrain to play on - and in, for dogs who like to dig. House and yard are thoroughly dog-and-hazard-proofed, and well-tested over the years, dear Kwali and Kumbi; thanks for all the testing!

Two walks a day, weather-permitting - that's most days. Longer in the morning - can be as long as two hours, often to the beach. Shorter in the afternoon; 30 to 40 minutes, weather permitting. Careful attention from me, to prevent overdoing. Very experienced assistance in adjusting to other dogs, or other animals; protection from seriously unwanted attention from strangers. I protect the dog, not the other way around.

Coats to suit weather conditions, including cold, rain or snow, so we can walk most every day.

Covered, protected Potty Pen for really bad weather, and to keep any bandages dry; available via dog-door, even if the Front Stoop - I mean, Front Parlor (it has CHANGED! - it's a whole room now!) is shut off from the yard with the extra gate.

Occasional play-dates with compatible dogs in the neighborhood, at their homes or at ours. Always in secure areas.

Regular and steady review of safety basics in training, especially, Come - that is, Really Reliable Recall (see Leslie Nelson's work), Sit, Down (this can be helpful at vet's), perhaps Stay, though I don't emphasize that; however, we will do Wait, and also Stop. Also, Follow, as in, please walk behind me, and, Ahead, as in, please walk ahead of me! Any other reviews or additions that are helpful to maintaining a dog in good condition, say, for baths, nail trims, brushing and combing, ear-cleaning if need be, tooth-brushing, and the like. Also for coat-clipping if/when needed.

Any veterinary attention and care when needed. My vets and I are close-knit teammates. I choose only the very best vets, who are also very kind to animals. So are all their staff members.

A great, familiar, home to go to if I get run down by a truck. See the ParrotLady reference above.

Kumbi will take contact information

Hey, Mum! I'll take contact information for you!

Oh, THANKS, Kumbi! I'd really appreciate that.

So, in the Greater Victoria area, B.C., Canada, if you are offering a dog who matches the descriptions above, please send email - IN PLAIN TEXT! - to make sure of reaching me - to

Kumbi's mail

Kwali thinks that's a good idea.

More to come.

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