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Canodyne and Anodyne

Same stuff, different names

For BuddyBulldozer

and other dear friends who need anodynes

Canodyne Delivery Mission

[cw10037gr10842b-dyn504.jpg] Little Novie and Big Vetsie
set out to deliver Canodynes
Photo by George [gr10842], edited by Carol

Canodyne and Anodyne is the same stuff

My Buddy Bulldozer is needing Canodynes - or Anodynes. Little Novie and Big Vetsie heard of the need, so they went into the Syringe Forest, where they gathered a Night Cap Bush, and collected Anodyne and Canodyne as it condensed and dripped from the leaves of the DyneOSoar Vine. They filled vials and capped them, and made sure to label the vials so there could be no confusion about being in wrong pictures. Or Pitchers.Or Vials.

CarRedLa and CarBlueLa fashioned a Carrying Net. Little Novie took one end; and Big Vetsie, the other. They added to their net-hammock a Shot Glass, since that would clearly be needed.

Trappings and Traps

Vekkie accompanied Little Novie and Big Vetsie, and helped as they went on their collecting missions. On the way into the Syringe Forest, she picked up her Trappings and Traps, since there was always the possibility that some uninformed creature might object to the delivery of such powerful solutions as Anodyne and Canodyne. Likely, only Nosey Neighbors would object; still; the problem is that it's sometimes the Nosey who in fact turn out not to Knowsie very Muchie.

These might be the same sorts who shy away from the sight of a syringe that has a needle attached to it, as all syringes made particularly to deliver insulin tend to have these daze.

If need be, then, Vekkie can don her Trappings, and some creatures would believe that the OuterWear signifies and identifies the InnerBeing. We could hope the Trappings would have this effect on the Knowsie Neighbors.

Directions for using Anodynes and Canodynes

Vekkie, having watched, helped with and supervised all the gatherings of the Dynes, says it doesn't matter which vial you put which Dyne in, as each Dyne is the same as the next. That's unlike Little Novie, and Big Vetsie, whose content is quite different.

However, the Dynes have in common with Vekkie's Insulins that they are extremely powerful solutions. So, a few drops go a very long way. The Caps on the Night Cap Bush are just the right size for measuring one dose of Anodyne, or one dose of Canodyne. Should a double-dose be needed, which is rare, but could sometimes happen, one of the flowers of the Night Cap Bush would serve to measure the dose. The flowers aren't exactly all the same size, so one must pick the right flower for the job. Please return the flower to the bush when you are through measuring.

Specific Dosing Instructions

Measure one dose of Dyne - either a single dose, for which you can use a Cap, or a double-dose, for which you can use a flower - or you can repeat a Cap Measurement.

Fill the Shot Glass about three-quarters full with fresh, clean water. You may use sparkling water if you wish, though that gives the Dynes a funny taste.

Now drop the Dyne dose into the water in the Shot Glass, and mix gently.

How to Mix-Up the Dyne Dose

Be careful when you mix the Dyne Dose with the water. Dynes don't like to be shaken up; same as Insulins. You may, if you wish, roll the Shot Glass between your palms. Myself, I do not dare; since the Shot Glass is open at the top; I'm sure I would spill the stuff if I did that. So I use a spoon, and stir, very gently. Then I lick the spoon. Or, if Kwali or Kumbi or Vekkie is nearby and wants to, I allow them to lick the spoon. Careful, now; that Dyne stuff is very powerful, and you wouldn't want your Buddy Dog, Cat, or TwinkelMaus to get much of a dose that you're supposed to be taking yourself.

Mix at least twenty-turns. If you roll the glass, roll ten times away, and ten times back. If you stir, stir ten times away, and ten times back. You should roll or stir for at least one minute - slowly, slowly.

When the dose is properly mixed, pick up the glass - and sip. Sip, sip, don't slip. Just sip. Till it's all gone, repeat the sipping. That is, the dose in the GLASS. Don't even think of sipping up all the Dyne that's in the VIAL! You'd be out of this Universe if you did that!

The CanoDynes and AnoDynes are For Buddy BullDozer, for Fran, for Suz, for Annie and Dusty, for Randy and Champ, for The Jeans, for Jackie and Nicky; for Mary, Bob and Bill; for Phyrie and Kiba, for Eileen and Mildred, for Valarie and Georgia, for Willi and Suki, for all on the K9Diabetes Forums, and for EveryBodyBrain Else who needs them.

Natural History of the DyneOSoar Vine

The DyneOSoar Vine has certain particular characteristics of its own. Carlova has provided a Natural History of the DyneOSoar Vine, to help you understand its workings, the implications of imbibing the AnoDyne and CanoDyne Drops, and the precautions to be taken when doing so.

CAUTION: Remember that the Dynes, CanoDyne and AnoDyne, are extremely powerful solutions. A very little goes a very long way. The power of these Dynes lies partly in my imagination, and partly in yours. You can combine the two, and add Vekkie's, Little Novie's, Big Vetsie's and the CarSister's imaginations to the power of this literally incredible solution.

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