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Camellia and Carol Journal 9

Camellia Journals 9

Days 12-15 - My Daddy, Agility Logs, Sentry Points

Originally posted Tuesday, 31 August 2010; 06:34

This is My Daddy

I love my Daddy

[c106394cdop-camg27aug3.jpg] George is My Daddy!

I love my Daddy! This is the second time he's come to stay with me when Mummy Carol went on Hunt Day.

Camellia explores the Agility Logs

Exploring Agility Logs with care

[c106440cdop-cam28aug2.jpg .jpg] I explore with all due caution, never fear.

I've been exploring these logs for about two weeks now, and recently made my first trip along the long line of rounds; now I'm stepping off them to rounds on the side. I check every step before placing my weight fully. I'm really getting good at this now! These logs are FUN!

This is my Outdoor Driveway Sentry Point

I can watch the driveway from close-up

[c106523cdop-cam28aug3.jpg] I can see the driveway both ways, close up!

SomeBodyBrain (I wonder who!) cooked up this yard for my pleasure! Actually, I do know who did it - Mummy Carol - but she didn't do it alone; lots of neighbors and friends helpsd - with the Front Parlor (which used to be the Front Stoop, when Kumbi Sentried here - Kwali used it too) - and with brush-clearing and downing of the alder that could blow down and cut the house in half - don't laugh; it's happened in the neighborhood, in the huge storms we get sometimes. We haven't had any huge storms since I came; most likely, it would be in mid-December, if we get a really bad storm. But we can have bad ones any time from September on. How do I know? Kwali and Kumbi told me.

This is my Front Parlor Sentry Point

I love the edge of the Front Parlor

[c106502cdop-cam28aug3.jpg] The Front Parlor is great.

This is my REALLY favorite place to hang out. Well, sometimes I really do hang out a bit, though mostly, I stay just at the edge, without hanging out too much of myself, especially since that evening I fell off Our Bed.

If Mummy can't find me, all she has to do is peek into the Front Parlor, and there I am, at its front edge, doing my Sentry business. I'm about as much a Sentry as Kumbi ever was! He taught me how!

Stress and De-Stress; Carol reports

The flow of events, from Day 12, Friday 27 August - a postponed Hunt Day (on which I do my weekly errands) through Day 15 - yesterday (as I write this on 31 August), completing two weeks together, is likely representative of a normal variation in stress and de-stress time in our lives together.

Our schedule of stresses was a bit heavy for a dog who came to me with so much vigilance and easy startling. All the same, I was pleasantly surprised at Camellia's continuing, day-to-day improvements. She's been startling just a bit less each day. I'm trusting this trend will continue as we go along.

And, as I write this, it's raining steadily. This is our second day in a row of mostly down-time. We had one exciting event yesterday - a big flat-bed truck in the cul-de-sac, and a forklift unloading from it. We went to have a look, but kept the exploration very short. Otherwise, yesterday, we had one good walk in the morning, then naps, brushing, and mostly quiet.

I might have additions later.

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