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Biosponge equipment collected

These gelcaps are size 00

Originally posted Wednesday, 28 October 2009; 18:23:33

Stuff for Biosponge capsules

[1bigrc20584-sp39.jpg] Stuff to make Biosponge capsule

We need a paper spill.

Oh, an empty toilet-tissue roll - cardboard - will surely help! So I rolled up a sheet of good quality copy paper, put it in an empty toilet-roll carboard, taped it with masking tape, and cut the end off to make a kind of chute.

Once I had that done, I also creaed it. Of course, the end of it is a bit large to get into an empty gel-cap, but I figured if I hold steady and tap the chute with care, perhaps it would work.

Gosh! Biosponge does have a large affinity for flying through the air. Also, for coating what it comes in contact with. I suppose that's part of its effectiveness.

We need something to hold the empty bottom part of the capsule

It took me hours to put holes in things of a size that would prop up the 00-size empty capsule-bottom. You can see a lot of extra holes in the blue box-top. Two of them have permanent-marker check-marks; those are of a size that WILL hold the capsule bottom upright.

I did wish my paper-punch had a slightly larger hole-maker.

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Thanks to pharmacist Ron Kumar, for describing to me the "Powder-Push" method I'm using for the Biosponge "FlyAway" powder.

Thanks to Tech Nancy at Saseenos Veterinary Services, for suggesting the Monoject 412 syringe to get the powder into the gel-caps. This didn't work for Biosponge, but it worked really well for the Tylosin.

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