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You will find articles by Turid Rugaas, Barbara Ray, Bob Bailey, and September Morn among the older articles, along with my own older articles.

Newer Articles

Thu, 20 Mar 2008; 20:57

I will be adding new articles as time permits. Many of the new articles are in the Diabetes Playground.

Important safety notes
for newly-diagnosed dogs or cats
who are put on Vetsulin or Caninsulin

Though the news is a couple of years old, some veterinarians are clearly not aware of the changes Intervet made to its starting doses for Vetsulin and Caninsulin. Therefore, I have included an article on New diabetics - Safety Notes for dogs or cats newly diagnosed as diabetic, and put on Vetsulin or Caninsulin.

U.S. FDA warning
about Vetsulin
2 November 2009

On 2 November 2009, the U.S. FDA issued a warning about consistency of crystalline insulin content in vials of Intervet Schering-Plough's Vetsulin. No such warning was issued about Vetsulin's counterpart, Caninsulin, though later, Schering Plough sent letters to veterinarians, suggesting they "transition" patients to other insulins for the time being.

In related documents, a starting dose of 0.25 units of NPH insulin per Kg of body weight was suggested for dogs being changed to NPH insulin.

Dog Stories

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For humans who are part-dog, I suggest exploring Vekkie's Diabetes Playground in considerable detail, because Vekkie herself seems clearly to be part-dog, at least in temperament and predilection, and her stories appear to bear this out. Furthermore, her companions, SkyHook, SkyLightOutside, SkyLightInside, Carlova and the CarSisters, and above all, Little Novie and Big Vetsie, into whom Vekkie herself breathed life, are very obviously part-dog.

Therefore, the entire Playground is chock-full (of course, not a shock in sight, apart from that one Lightning Strike), of Stories, both Invented and Real, that dogs themselves might have told.

You will probably need Vekkie's Site Map to help you locate the variety of stories, amazing and mundane (that is, very worldly) to help you track your paths through Vekkie's Forests.

If ever you get lost, though, the TrailVine will willingly guide you, especially with SkyLightOutside to light your way.

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