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Red-Hock Bandage Change

Saturday, 9 Jul 2005, 20:55

Kwali was so miserable with her RedHock bandage that I changed it today, to Kwali's great relief. Thank goodness! It really pays off to listen to what our dogs tell us, and to aid them when they need aid.

Kwali Gets a Red Hock

Friday, 8 Jul 2005, 04:10

We thought we'd escape bandages altogether, but Kwali had pressure sores and an abraded pad, so she now has a Red Hock. Kumbi uses the opportunity to ask Kwali about dominance.

Tuesday, 5 Jul 2005, 11:56

After my seven or so months experimenting with various layouts here on Coherent Dog, or CoDog, as I've nicknamed it (any puns and implications intended), I think probably the current layout is stable for some time to come. Here are a few notes to help you find your way around.

Horizontal links

All pages have links to the main parts of CoDog across the top or bottom of the page

Vertical links

Long pages that have many sections or different topics have tables of Contents down the right side, in what is mostly plain text.

Pages that are mostly text have links to other parts of CoDog, and then to the Outside WebWorld, in colored blocks aligned vertically below the Contents area. These are in the following order:

  1. CoDog Latest: Latest updates
  2. CoDog Now Featuring: Currently featured pages
  3. CoDog Inside: Main content of the rest of CoDog
  4. The Great Outside: Some of my favorite outside web sites. See also FavSites for additional links to the Outside WebWorld.

I also work to keep the Site Map updated, so you can look there to find most content on CoDog. You may also want to consult the Index to Articles, at the top of the Articles page, since it sometimes contains detail not on the Site Map.

Today's updates are to reports on Kwali's Knee, and to the Stinging Mantra article, which I expect will become quite a long page eventually (if it's not already [deadpan]).

When Lost, Try Your Back Button

At one time, I was making lots of links between pages, parts of pages, and then return-links to help visitors go back where they came from - uh, on CoDog, that is.

That was becoming very cumbersome, so I decided to use fewer jumping-around links, so I'm depending on CoDogs (that's you) to use your Browser's Back Button when appropriate, in case you interrupted yourself while reading one page, to go to another. So don't be afraid to use your Back Button when need be.

Kwali's RedLeg changed to Fat BlueLeg

Saturday, 25 Jun 2005, 19:10

Kwali got a new, fat BlueLeg today. It does seem more stable than the RedLeg, so perhaps Kumbi expressed [pun intended] an appropriate opinion

Saturday, 25 Jun 2005, 09:50

Oops again! I've never had a dog of mine pee on its own bandage, and that's been puzzling me; also, the location of the wet spot was puzzling. I guess I had only half an eye on things, feeling quite safe out in the yard with Kwali onleash, Kumbi nearby, but ever the kind gentleman.

Suddenly I remember urging Kumbi away as he, typically, covered Kwali's pee-spot with his own signal. Oops again! I suspect it was Kumbi who wet Kwali's bandage. So now I know what to watch out for when I'm out with both dogs.

I could put Kwali's plastic bootie on - so easy these days, as the vet provides one of those IV drip containers that typically say "Ringer's" on them. Kwali's 1000 milliliter size fits her bandage perfectly. That does make her walking slightly more awkward, so unless the grass is wet, I could, instead, pay close attention to Kumbi's exact whereabouts, and urge him away if he's about to pee on Kwali's bandage.

My defective observation, I attribute to fatigue and a bit of overload; being on call as I am. But I don't mind; it comes with the territory: having a dog - or two - in times of some adversity.

Friday, 24 Jun 2005, 19:40

Oops! Kwali peed on her new RedLeg. Not much, but enough so the vet probably needs to change the bandage.

So tomorrow, we have another major trip ahead of us, since Daddy George isn't back yet, so Kumbi will come too, so as not to be left alone at home.

Lucky we got a RedLeg Gallery; who knows what color tomorrow's bandage will be?

Kwali's Blue Leg turns Red

Thursday, 23 Jun 2005, 18:40

We are home from our trip to Saseenos Veterinary Services, where we met the new vet, Dr. Carla Bell. Oh, my; she is so simpatica! Well, we would expect that from any veterinarian who works there.

I brought Kumbi along for the ride, since I didn't want to leave him alone at home; Daddy George is away on a camping trip. Kumbi waited in the car during Kwali's bandage-change. Dr. Amanda dropped in for a moment, picking up some records, but didn't get a look at the incision, since Dr. Carla had already wrapped it up. However, I got a few photos of it, one is fairly clear, and I got some of Dr. Carla holding Kwali, one of which is a bit wild and silly, and perhaps I'll try to post that one soon, trusting Dr. Carla won't object.

The entire trip was quite stressful for both dogs, and we finally got home, after doing our weekly hunting for food and groceries. Kwali and Kumbi ate light suppers, and both are napping as I update this page, happy to have Kwali a bit more comfortable with a shorter bandage. She had to drag the BlueLeg; it was longer; RedLeg is shorter, and Kwali, now allowed to, is starting to take a bit of weight on it already. This time, her toes are exposed, instead of being covered with duct tape, so I can keep an eye on the paw-health.

Photo Gallery: Kwali's BlueLeg

Tuesday, 21 Jun 2005

Kwali is adapting well to her first two weeks of recovery at home after knee surgery.

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Photos: Saseenos Vet Services

Monday, 20 Jun 2005

Today is the first anniversary of Kumbi's torn cruciate, and it's Prancy ComeDay - the nineteenth anniversary of her coming to our house and our family, and it's also Day Ten following Kwali's knee surgery for her torn cruciate ligament. Oh, my, what a busy day!

In thanks to the many CoDogs offering support of all kinds, I have put together a photo gallery showing where Kwali, Kumbi and Prancy get their medical care. I still have lots of people to catch with the camera, and hope to add more photos later.

Photo Galleries take a long time to prepare; indeed, this one has taken me a long time; I've made it in bits and pieces, between my dances of attendance on Kwali and also Kumbi and Prancy. Still, I plan to put up another rotating gallery, to show some of Kwali's recovery experiences at home. It will take time, so be patient!

You can track Kwali's recovery here.

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Kwali Gets a Knee-Repair

Friday, 10 Jun 2005 07:30

Day Two is probably the most painful; a good crate cover helps.

Journal: Kwali's Knee Surgery

Kumbi has to help me with this journal on Kwali's knee, because I am short of sleep to the point of disorientation.

Friday, 10 Jun 2005 01:30

Kwali came home today, and is resting comfortably. You can find three photos at Kwali's Knee Repair

Thursday, 9 Jun 2005

Dr. Amanda Booth operated on Kwali's right knee this morning, to repair her completely torn cranial (anterior) cruciate ligament. Kwali came through with flying colors. I expect to bring her home tomorrow.

As soon as I have time, I will put up photos and stories. Meantime, numbers of Human CoDogs have been giving Kwali, Kumbi and me large amounts of support, while Prancy continues to Survey All from her DeskTop.

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Spammers Attack Guestbooks

Thursday, 2 Jun 2005, 11:00

A spammer made some entries in Kwali's Guestbook early this morning. I've repaired her guestbook, and Kumbi's remains healthy.

All good entries are preserved and safe, both in the guestbooks and in the Test Blog.

I have put all the welcomed current entries into their respective archive pages, so all the good ones remain on view, and we have only the limitation that no new entries are possible at times I need to close the guestbooks because I can't be in attendance. I expect to be able to leave the Test Blog page open. Islandnet's owners and staff continue to assist throughout. Great kudos to them.

Steve Morley of Islandnet, our web host, is working on our new custom script, which should shut spammers out of our Guestbooks. I have to do my share to help Steve customize the script, so I'll be busy with that. Steve is so busy with Islandnet that I can't predict when he'll have time to finish the script.

Until the script is finished and tested, you can expect a bit of erratic behavior from the guestbooks. I will be opening them at times, and closing them down again at times, until the new script is tested and in place. After that, I hope the guestbooks will remain open. I'll keep you posted.

I closed the Test Blog page as a precaution, but it's healthy, so I re-opened it.

I'm leaving my previous announcements in place as a way to track events with the Guestbooks.

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Thursday, 2 Jun 2005, 08:30

Guestbooks and Test Blog closed temporarily

Spammers have hit Kwali's Guestbook.

I am closing the guestbooks temporarily, and will re-open them as soon as possible. Steve Morley is working on our custom script, which I hope will screen out inappropriate entries.

I am also closing the Test Visitor Blog temporarily. The custom script will cover that one, too. I hope to preseve all the welcome entries in the guestbooks and the blog.

Kwali's and Kumbi's Guestbook Archives remain open.

I am making repairs, and will re-open the pages as soon as I can.

Thursday, 2 Jun 2005, 09:26

Test Blog Page Open Again

I have re-opened the Test Blog page where visitors can make comments.

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New Article, Monday, 30 May 2005

Kumbi worries about the Stinging Mantra, but Kwali reassures him.

The Dreaded Stinging Mantra

The Dreaded Stinging Mantra
Photo by George, edited by Carol

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Site News: Saturday, 14 May 2005

Hilarious Errors disappear

With great regret, I need to delete the hilarious error pages, and the very large page where I asked for help with layout.

I do this to make space for more articles and photos.

Possibly some links will remain where they should not be, though I'm doing my best to eliminate outdated links.

If you have difficulty finding your way around Coherent Dog, or discover a broken link, please leave me a comment from the Feedback page, or send me email by clicking on my name in the copyright notice at the bottom of this page.

Thanks for your patience!

Introducing Barbara Ray

Tuesday, 3 May 2005

For years, I've been reading posts by Barbara Ray on a few of the lists and groups I subscribe to. Barbara brings Rays of sunshine, moonlight, fantasy truer than reality, into my life. I have asked her to write some articles for Coherent Dog.

Barbara is generous; she responded promptly with a delightful article about Osprey and Heron, which I introduce to you as I post this notice.

Watch for more articles from Barbara, whose mind meets mine in the most amusing, and to me, very instructive, ways.

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CoDog News
We will have a visitor's blog page

Tuesday, 3 May 2005

After months of effort, I discovered the script I was using to try to make a page where CoDog Visitors may contribute public remarks just doesn't work for the purpose. Finally I decided the most efficient and least stressful way for me to accomplish what I want is to engage some help from those who really know how, so Steve Morley, one of Islandnet's co-owners, is going to write a custom script for us. Kerry Lange of Islandnet's Tech Support has been endlessly helpful in making the initial test, then the arrangements to have the script customized for us. When finished and tested, I will put the new script into action on the Rambles page. I'll announce it here when it's ready.

Special thanks to Kerry Lange and Steve Morley, as well as those who have helped behind the scenes; that's much of Islandnet's staff, including Mike "Bear," on this round, Gary, and Islandnet's other co-owner, Mark Morley.

Test Blog Now Available

Tuesday, 3 May 2005

You can play with the very first working test version of our CoDog Visitor's Blog if you wish. Please be aware that the only links to it on this site are from here, from the site map, and from the page itself. Please also remember that it is very incomplete, and somewhat crude at this point. The new version will be slightly more attractive, and possibly easier to use. Meantime, we do welcome comments from all CoDog-inclined animals (humans included)

Update Tuesday, 26 Apr 2005

I have decided to take down my Hilarious Error pages, to make room for articles on the topics that interest me most, and also, for a few more photos.

I will keep my single page on Web-Weaving, to help encourage others like me who would like to build their own web sites, and I'll continue the links to useful sites on web-making.

Also, I will be taking down the test pages that supposedly allow visitors to make short remarks. I have learned that the script I am using isn't intended for that purpose; no wonder I had trouble making it work!

However, I will be providing other ways for dog-fanciers to contribute to Coherent Dog.

I don't know how long it will take me to complete this job. I hope this site will remain easy to navigate through my changes.

Please leave me a comment if you find a broken link or have other related difficulties. Thanks!

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Tuesday, 26 Apr 2005

I have had to learn from scratch to make this site. My knowledge of computers and their workings is severely limited, and it has taken me half a year to put this site together. Though the work has been a great slog at times, it's been fun, too, but without the help of so many real web-makers, we wouldn't be here together.

There is no such thing, in my mind, as "finishing" a site like this, so you can expect changes at times. As I post this, my pages with Hilarious Errors take up a lot of room, and I will soon need that space for articles, so you can expect most of those pages to disappear eventually. I do find them visually very funny, so might leave a few in place.

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Focus on Articles

New on Coherent Dog

Sunday, 24 April 2005

I've added new material in two areas; a few articles about dogs and about training, and some test-pages where visitors can supposedly make remarks for any other visitor to read. I've been working on these remarks pages for weeks now, but I'm not getting them right. There are three test versions posted; the first doesn't say it's a test, but it is one. The second says it's a test. These two sort of work, but the entries aren't formatted; everything is run together.The third version wasn't working, but suddenly it is working, just after I said it wasn't. However, I continue to have the formatting problem. I'll work on it.

New articles

Turid Rugaas

Excerpts from posts to CSDogBookReview, on Arousal and Stress

Bob Bailey

Bob's much passed-around post to ClickerSolutions entitled Pavlov is sitting on your shoulder.

My own article added to by Bob Bailey, on The Bailey Basics


My quick primer on Calming Signals

Kumbi's PopCans: a Seminal Event

The New are Old

These articles are old; their content has withstood the test of time. I hope you will enjoy reading them.

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Coherent Dog
Site News

When there is any

The Testing Spirit: Update, Saturday, 14 May 2005

The new script for pages on which CoDogs - Coherent Dog Callers - may make short remarks for publication should become available sometime around 17 May, 2005; maybe a bit later.

Sunday, 17 Apr 2005, 15:16

News Flash

Kwali and Kumbi
Solve the Guestbook Problem

Almali helped too

I have pretty good friends. While I brushed Kwali and Kumbi and trimmed their nails, they told me how to solve the Guestbook problem.

Almali approved.

Of course, Kwali had already told me how, in the new test guestbook.

Kumbi wants to keep the new guestbook and watch over it; well, I couldn't possibly deny him, could I? So we keep it.


Sunday, 17 Apr 2005

Yesterday I got a shock. As always, I validate all pages before putting them online. However, I have now begun to use Server-Side Includes (SSI), to put the vertical links down the right sides of the pages. That means I can't validate the whole page just by uploading the file from my home machine. Instead, I have to validate it after it's online, so the included material gets into the evaluated file.


All was well until I went to validate the Guestbook. Oh, MERCY! It didn't validate after going online.

Because the validator gives hints, I could see sort of what was wrong; it's the script that controls the data entered into the Guestbook. The entries aren't formatted to XHTML 1.0 Strict standards.

I went into one of my half-panics, and asked all over the place for help, but I'm so bad at asking questions that it's hard for people to help. After a night's sleep, I realized I could just put a test page up, and try that, without breaking my regular Guestbook; I'd hate to lose the delightful comments made there.

So I altered the script, and put it in a separate Test Guestbook3. You can see it in the "navigation" at the top of the page, and also in the vertical links. Please feel free to try it out!

P.S. It's not validating yet, and I need to change the script more, but at least I have something now to work with and ask questions about. Once I get it working to standards, I'll replace the old Guestbook with the new one, but I'll save the old entries, too.


Tuesday, 12 Apr 2005

In honor of Kwali's tenth birthday, along with her recovery from surgery to remove melanotic tissue, we have reset all the page counters. Prancy is hoarding the old ones at home; she's made them into a nest in her bed. Kumbi told Prancy, "We don't need those back; you can have them."

Proboscis - I mean, prognosis - is good for Kwali. The vets, our beloved Dr. Amanda Booth and Dr. Kim Beare, say,"We got it all." Well, our doG; we hope so.

I've asked Kwali to tell her JoeCollar story, which she says she will do when she gets a Round Tuit. Kumbi is using his very talented proboscis to comb the flooding ditches looking for a Round Tuit. He passed by my woolen peaked cap while on his search. Too bad; I had to go get that cap myself. That's another story for another time.


I honor you, the Visitors, so if you keep finding changes, as you're likely to do for some time to come, please know that I'm doing my best to make this site easy to navigate.

Layout changes are in progress, oh, one day at a tiiiiiiiime, sweet Jesus, Amazing Grace, yes; if we get them all changed. Well, the main pages. We have no plans for now to change layout on the photo pages.

Accessibility here is still up in the air,but one day, we will get there.

Some of ny new web-designing friends are really good at making accessible sites. I have lots more to learn about accessibility, and will be working on accomplishing the greatest accessibility I can manage.

As I continue learning, this site will change again. I hope, though, that the current change, which adds "navigation" (links) on the right side of the main pages, represents the last really major change to layout here for a long time to come. And again. I hope that doesn't make it too hard to find your way around.

I hope you enjoy your visits.

Saturday, 2 Apr 2005

Web-making Update

I have made style changes to Coherent Dog; this time, enlarging the leaves at the sides of the main pages, and reducing their brightness. Doing so begins to approach what I wanted originally. I had trouble, though, placing the leaves so they'd look right in different browsers at different screen resolutions, and also, wouldn't set off my Bottomless Pit difficulties, which, in the past, appeared here; however, I decided to take these pages down. Kumbi, please bring me a tissue. Thanks.


Leaves, continued

Very slowly, little by little, I'm gaining a bit of control over these things, as usual, with help from the WebDeveloper Forums

MstrBob, who contributes often to those forums, came through with what I find a mind-blowing way of handling the leaves. More studies coming up for me.

Little by little, I'll make more changes, some, visible, some just structural.

Back to Runoff

Accolade Earned!

Kathy Johns of Reading, England has earned the Accolade!

Who will be next?

Layout Games

Saturday, 26 Mar 2005

Many years ago, when I was in college, my classmates called me a "mover and shaker." They applied the term because I was always rearranging the furniture in my dormitory room.


Layout Games, continued

While building this site, I got so interested in the possibilities for layout that I will surely be making changes from time to time. Once I was young; now I am old, but my nature remains the same.

So please don't be surprised if sometimes you see changes to layout here. They could include strange-looking effects at times..I love playing with structures, so pages could also look rather like a Patchwork Quilt

Those of you who are thinking of making your own web sites, and, like me, starting from scratch, will likely find useful help if you go to the sites listed on the CoDog WebWeave page.

With great regret, I have let go of the pages I liked so much because I found them visually very funny; those were the Hilarious Errors pages that resulted when I couldn't fathom how to lay out pages the way I wanted to.

I need the disk space for artcles and photos.


If you or I find errors, they might get unpredictably fixed.

Just didn't want any visitors to faint if something looks right.

I continue to validate all files before posting them, so, again, your browsers should not break.

Did I hear a crack?


I've decided to present an accolade for a visitor who finds a tiny detail one wouldn't necessarily think of or notice that is somehow a bit strange, or off, on the Coherent Dog HomePage

It's not related to coding a web site, but to something quite different.

You may leave me a comment, or send email by clicking on my name at the bottom of the page, to tell me what you think earns the Accolade.

The Accolade has no financial value at all; it's one of those silly medals I like to present on these pages.

Olde News

Saturday, 26 Mar 2005

Coherent Dog is Officially Open

I believe this site is now well-structured for a visitor's reasonable comfort, and for reasonably easy maintenance, so I am opening the site officially today. If you find a typographical error, please feel free to leave me a Comment

Patchwork Quilt

Sometimes pages here will look a bit like a patchwork quilt.

That's because the colors represent logical divisions - what the web-makers call "divs." So you can see where there's a logical, or illogical, division on the pages where patchwork colored backgrounds appear.

Return to Layout Games

Saturday, 12 Feb 2005

Coherent Dog is registered

Our domain is registered, a year, today, from the day Graleta5, the machine that makes all this possible, came winging its way from Angel Donor to Our House. Our paws are tired from typing, but taking turns helps. We're still working on layout.

When Mum gets too confused, we go burrow in blankets, pillows, bedcovers, and make sure they get all tangled up, so Mum has to leave Graleta5 for a time. That lets her brain settle a bit. Then she has to take us out in the Garden for a while. Gets her a bit of fresh air. Or sometimes, rain.

We are, of course, perfectly coherent dogs, but we doubt her coherence as a human at times. She does best when she thinks she's a parrot, and parrots people's code.

Give her time; give her time, more of it with us, please.

Despite its registration, our site still isn't officially open. If you're here, it's by our catal and dogal invitations, or because Mum asked for help.

Welcome, anyway, from your cat and dog leaders, Prancy, Kwali and Kumbi.

Mrrrrrrrp! Meow! Sheesh!

Yes, Prancy?

How can you say that, when you yourselves opened the site daze ago?

Yeah, but this is a runoff page. It's Olde Stuff[ing].

But you're right. Hey! We opened the site DAZE ago. Or, depending on how long we don't type here, weeks ago! We nuzzled and dug almost all the way to Australia - I mean, New Zealand. I mean, to China. And we opened the site.

And we saw you lying in the sunny patch in the window, when we stopped long enough to look up.

Okay. So finally, you admit the truth. About time!

All pages here are validated
with W3C

We validate all (X)HTML (HyperText Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) with W3C (The WorldWideWeb Consortium) Validation Services before putting them up, so your browsers should not break!

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Web Design Stuff

Not very long ago, I learned that web designers often use fake Latin text to put in while designing sites. That way, they don't have to type a whole bunch of text, and they can see how text to be put in later will behave on the page.

Well, I ask you, why bother with fake Latin? Why not real Latin: Pig Latin, for instance?

IgPay atinLay eemsSay eryVay aturalNay otay eMay.

And then there's that other fake language I heard for the first time when I was in high school. It had three syllables to every one in English, and it had a lovely bubbly sound to it, and when finally I learned to speak it, I was utterly enchanted. It was so much fun to speak it, or would that be, to sing it? Almost.

But wrack my brains as I might, I can't remember how it works.

Believe it or not, for you youngsters (anybody under 60), I think it's called oogly-googly. Does anybody know what it is, or how to speak it? If you do, please leave me a comment on the feedback page.

Or, if you prefer, you may

send me email

but to make sure you reach me, send it in plain text without any attachments.


I remembered one of the fake languages!

I've put up a dissertation on ObyDoby, and hope to remember other fake languages too.

You are CoDog number

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