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Vekkie Valentine for AVG Technologies

Vekkie's Valentine for AVG Technologies

[cw5031z-vval502.jpg] Vekkie Makes a Valentine for AVG

AVG Technologies Internet Security

Vekkie manages the CoDog Computer when she's doing her drawing. She loves AVG Internet Security, because she says she doesn't have to know anything about computers to use it.

Fine for her! Me, I have to write my questions to AVG Technical Support. But I must say, the technical support is excellent.I went into a panic when they said the new version 8 no longer supports Eudora, and that is why I couldn't find where to plug it into Eudora!

Therefore, I took an entire day to install Mozilla Thunderbird, and import my current Eudora working message archives; it took a long time to import - lots of mail. Worst is doing the message filters hundreds of them! I've barely begun with those.

But there's always so much I don't understand about computers. AVG wrote me back, and apologized for my confusion (hey, great!). They said they were merely removing the specialized plug-in for Eudora, which makes sense in a way, as Qualcomm is no longer developing Eudora, and that I could use their Personal Email Scanner instead, as it is intended for any other email clients. Including Thunderbird - and Eudora!.

Best of all, they gave me detailed instructions for configuring the Personal Email Scanner to work as I want it to with Eudora - using secure mail transfers, and so forth. And they do it in words I can understand!

Moan - I had a whole day of sweat over Thunderbird just to get it installed - but now, because I can keep Eudora, I don't mind the loss of that time. As long as I have disk space, I might keep Thunderbird around for a while. But Eudora will remain my mail software of choice, because of its flexibility and features.

All that gave Vekkie an excuse to do another drawing. So I said, you do it, you put it up. Okay, she said.

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