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Vekkie with her Pink Rose and Skyhook

Vekkie with Pink Rose and Skyhook

[cw7001-vrosesky.jpg] Vekkie with her companions

Vekkie loves her Skyhook

It might seem odd to love a Skyhook, but Vekkie's is peculiarly loyal, trustworthy and loving. As well she should be, since Vekkie takes excellent care of her. Vekkie watches and listens, and pays careful attention, and she meets Skyhook on her own terms - Skyhook's, that is. She says she wishes people would do the same with dogs. Oh, and with her, too, as some people scorn creatures who resemble mice in any way. Above all, Vekkie meets all Skyhook's Real Needs.

Vekkie also loves to carry her Pink Rose, much as dogs enjoy carrying their favorite objects. Her Pink Rose serves as a kind of Teddy Bear.

You can follow Vekkie's antics from her home page

Vekkie is a very flexible sort of Twinkelmaus, highly inclined to play, but at the same time, she feels a strong responsibility to maintain a strong family-relationship, and also, she likes to help others. She managed to invent and even create her common companions, Little Novie and Big Vetsie, into whom she breahed her own breath of life. Then she nurtured them so that they grew up themselves into very responsible and effective adults. Insulin adults, of course.

Vekkie is particularly active in her series on Merry Measure , and appears in a few other places on her Diabetic Playground as well.

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