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Vekkie Checks a DyneOSoar Vine

Checking the Condition of a DyneOSoar Vine

Vekkie has a close look

Vekkie Checks a Vine Before Collecting

[cw10125z-vekdsvine.jpg] Vekkie takes a close look at a Vine
before collecting Dynes

Vekkie checks out the Vine carefully

When Vekkie is checking a DyneOSoar Vine, she makes sure to be breathing evenly. She has a slight smile on her face; it's a good way to stay relaxed, and to help keep the Held Vine relaxed. To check a Vine, you have to hold it, and although the Vine doesn't MIND that, it is a slight stress anyway, because the Vine naturally is striving for the Skies.

Always Respect the Vine

Vekkie understands stress; so do the CarSisters. Little Novie and Big Vetsie have also been through lessons concerning stress, often, their own stress; sometimes, that of each other, or some other creature.

The Stress of Natural Forces is always present within a DyneOSoar Vine, as even the free-soaring ones face the varying conditions of the Skies above the Syringe Forest.

Because Vekkie, the CarSisters, and Little Novie, Big Vetsie all undestand stress, and have learned to cope with it, and are able to keep it to low levels, the DyneOSoar Vines remain always in good hands, legs, carry-nets and wings, even when held by the Fly of the Spider.

We can thank the entire team involved in the Nurturing, Catching, and Harvesting of the Dynes, for their careful and perceptive work.

The Quality of the Dynes is, of course, affected by this excellence.

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CAUTION: Remember that the Dynes, CanoDyne and AnoDyne, are extremely powerful solutions. A very little goes a very long way. The power of these Dynes lies partly in my imagination, and partly in yours. You can combine the two, and add Vekkie's, Little Novie's, Big Vetsie's and the CarSister's imaginations to the power of this literally incredible solution.
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