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After a time, Tylosin does coat things

Then the syringe doesn't work so easily

Originally posted Wednesday, 28 October 2009; 21:32:22

Slightly coated Tylosin vial

[c103901cdop-gelcap201.jpg] Slightly coated Tylosin vial

Tylosin vial gets coated after a while

If you compare this picture with the earlier one, you can see that after some time, the Tylosin does begin to coat the vial wall. That also explains why, eventually, I found it easier to cut off the curly tip of the syringe; the inside got somewhat coated, reducing the flow of powder.

Probably if I'd washed and thoroughly dried the syringe after each use, it would let the powder through more easily. Perhaps, though, even just opening the Tylosin vial lets some damp in. Think Damp Salt, for a comparison.

Cutting off the curly-tip also enlarged the Powder Passageway somewhat, which helped, too. It does add to the spill-hazard, so I have to pay attention, especially when transferring from one hand to the other, or to capsule from baby finger, in order not to spill.

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CREDITS Thanks to pharmacist Ron Kumar, for describing to me the "Powder-Push" method I'm using for the Biosponge "FlyAway" powder.

Thanks to Tech Nancy at Saseenos Veterinary Services, for suggesting the Monoject 412 syringe to get the powder into the gelcaps. This didn't work for Biosponge, but it worked really well for the Tylosin.

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