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KK k9 Patience Hat

Patience Hat for Tikobird and others

Kwali and Kumbi made a special Patience Hat For Tikobird
and other denizens of the k9diabetes forum

Originally posted Tuesday, 13 July 2010; 14:04

New KK Tikobird Patience Hat for k9diabetes Humans

KK k9diabetesforum Tiko Patience Hat

[cw31101bgop-tikophat14.jpg] Kwali and Kumbi re-designed Patience Hat

Kwali and Kumbi love to make hats

When, on the k9diabetes online forum, Tikobird remarked about needing a Patience Hat, Kwali and Kumbi heard her say that. Using Vekkie's Patience Hat as a model, and then also, checking out Kumbi'e Patient's Hat, they made a few small changes in the design, but retained the basics, because they found the original design excellent.

However, each wanted to leave, on the slightly-adjusted and re-designed Patience Hat, a significant, bright pointer to the excellence of their lives on Earth, and now, of the joys of their lives at Rainbow Bridge, where they keep watch over Earthly Beings, including diabetic and other dogs and their Human DogParents.

They selected the Vetsie Syringe Bush as the flower that could best represent, for them, the combined push-up of their own rise to Rainbow Bridge, and drop-down of their watchfulness over Earthly Beings, to duplicate, with one of the two flowers representing Kwali, and the other, Kumbi.

They didn't care that Kumbi never dogally encountered a Vetsie-syringe in his lifetime on Earth; Kumbi was a Novie-dog. It was fun for Kumbi to change his representation and Sentry-point, and to encompass the loveliness of the Vetsie-flower alongside the beautiful Novie-flower of the Novie Syringe Bush.

Similarly, Kwali never received a fake shot from a Vetsie Syringe, though she had lots from Novie-syringes.

Since both dogs enjoyed having something new in their Bridgely Lives, they particularly enjoyed adding this extra to the new Patience Hat for Tikobird and for any other denizens of the k9diabetes online forum who might need such a hat. (You will need to use the Back button in your browser to return here if you follow that link.)

Attention is called to tomswife, who needs such a hat and Kwali and Kumbi bestow one upon her, for Tali's sake.

More to come.

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