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Patience Hat

Patience Hat - A Closer View

Vekkie has Quite Loaded up her Patience Hat

Originally posted Friday, 30 April 2010; 20:25

Tidberries on Vekkie's Patience Hat

Vekkie's Patience Hat

[cw31101bg-k9pathat03.jpg] Vekkie's Patience Hat

Patience Hat Flowers are Out Of Context

Vekkie has taken the Flowers from the Syringe Forest out of context. Happily, though, the flowers don't mind. They are Quite Happy to be out of their Natural Context, as long as they're with, or close to, Vekkie, the CarSisters, or dogs, diabetic or otherwise.

All the occupants of Vekkie's Patience Hat say they are very comfortable there. Eventually, they will return to the Syringe Forest, and others, such as their Sisters and Their Cousins and Their Aunts, will take their places on Vekkie's Patience Hat.

In fact, Vekkie might not ALWAYS have a lot of say as to just WHO will occupy her Patience hat WHEN. These Denizens of the Syringe Forest sometimes have minds of their own.

The total effect of all this is to keep changing the Context of things. That's a useful feature - up to a point - to have on a Patience Hat.

Patience Hat occupants need their own recreation.

While resting happily on Vekkie's Patience Hat, one or more of the occupants may often connect with a favorite Internet web site, as they LOVE to read about fallacies. In particular, finding themselves out of context, they really enjoy reviewing Contextomies. (If you follow that link yourself, you will need to use your browser's Back button to return here.) Reading that page, they laugh and laugh and laugh. Then Vekkie laughs, too. When finally they stop laughing long enough to take a breath, they realize they have been doing their work as Denizens of Vekkie's Patience Hat. There is just nothing like laughter to help when one's Patience is on Trial.

So what is it that makes these flowers laugh?

Vekkie says, it's the incongruity of being Out of Context. You can do ANYTHING out of Context. Vekkie and her Patience Hat residents laugh doubly, because they recognize on that Fallacy page so many Contextomies that appear in List Discussions.

It's quite interesting, says Vekkie, that most of what is out of context on the k9diabetes online forum is the so-called information given to Human Parents of Diabetic Dogs by their veterinarians.

There are plenty of His-and-Her Stories on that forum about experiences with some (very fortunately, by no means All! - veterinarians - that end up causing the Human Dog-Parents to seek out different veterinarians.

Such as the one who told a recent arrival on the forum that veterinarisns SHOULD have Vetsulin available. That, despite the fact that it's now quite a few months since the U.S.FDA withdrew approval for that insulin, with the result that none is being shipped into the U.S., and it's becoming more and more difficult to get that insulin. In effect, sources have largely dried up.

The person who was told that recognized the argument as being fallacious. Well, naturally! SHE was making sense; the veterinarian was not.

More to come.

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