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Vekkie Models Patience Hat

Patience Hat with Tidberries

Along with various Denizens of the Syringe Forest

Originally posted Friday, 30 April 2010; 20:02

Vekkie made a K9diabetes Forum Patience Hat

Vekkie models her Patience Hat

[cw31103bg-vpathat411.jpg] Vekkie models her Patience Hat

What is a Patience Hat?

Vekkie was reading on the K9diabetes Online Forum about Patience Hats.

She didn't really know what a Patience Hat was, but after a time, she figured it out! She discovered, you have to make your own Patience Hat! Nobody is going to do it for you - at least, not usually.

Vekkie is so sweet, though, that she will gladly make you a Patience Hat, as long as it's exactly like hers! She says she's run out of Inventive Energy to make different ones.

To make her Patience Hat, Vekkie first included some TidBerries, of course, and she collected a few Dyne Drops, which she set aside in a vial, till she could collect some of her favorite flowers in the Syringe Forest, to add to her Patience Hat. The Dyne Drops need something to Be On. They can Be On leaves, or they can Be On flowers, or they can Be on Pages. Vekkie thinks it's really handy to have these available when your patience is tried, so, she says, it's natural to include them on her Patience Hat.

Vekkie does like to go All Natural. Even if that isn't a Logical Thing to Go. Which, usually, she says, it isn't.

More to come.

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