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Vekkie's Tidberry Garland

Wearing Tidberries

Keeps them handy!

Originally posted Wednesday, 28 April 2010; 22:24

TidBerry Garland Hat

Vekkie wears her Tidberry Garland

[cw30124cd-vektid368.jpg] Vekkie wears Tidberries

Tidberries make wonderful hats

It doesn't take Vekkie long to see what a natural resource like Tidberries can do for her. When she met these berries for the first time, first she asked the Tidberries if she might pick some.

Given a yes answer by the nearest Tidberry, Vekkie cautiously picked just one. This berry then suggested she eat it, so it could meet its full destiny.

A Tidberry is happiest when it can do its work inside a brain. Different brains respond in different ways to these berries when they are consumed. The change of Berry shape into Energy is something a Tidberry REALLY enjoys.

What happens during the conversion from Berry to Energy can only be described by the Tidberry itself, or - by the Body That Consumes The Berry, though this latter requires further work and translation from the Body that now contains the (tranformed) Tidberry.

If you understand what you just read above, please explain it to me. I'm not sure I understand it very exactly.

Maybe I should try again tomorrow.

More to come.

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