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TelusTechs Cavalry Charge

Help is on the way!

Juanador leads the TelusTechs Cavalry

Juanador Leads the TelusTechs Cavalry

[cw20443z-juanador201.jpg] Juanador leads the TelusTechs Cavalry

Juanador FlagMan leads the
TelusTech Cavalry Charge

Some time after we call for help, depending on the horses having been sufficiently rested since the previous Charge, the TelusTechs mount their steeds and set course for our Vultured Switch and the Vultured Households.

Some TelusTechs peel off at the SubStation, where they get out their Trusty LapTops, and check the routings at the Switches.

Others go House-to-House, where they attend in pairs.

Pairing is a safety measure; after all, though it's never been known to happen, a TelusTech could fall off a pole or out of a crane-box. Or possibly, when attending at houses, HouseHold Dogs might knock them over and lick them to death.

Householders might shoot them with a camera. That HAS been known to happen.

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