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DyneOSoar Vine Held-Shape

The Catch-Ring provides the Handle for Holding

You won't see this shape

until the Vine is actually held

DyneOSoar Vine in Held Shape

[cw10114z-svineheld.jpg] DyneOSoar Vine in Held Shape

DyneOSoar Vine Shape when Held

When held, the DyneOSoar Vine's natural affinity for the Skies affects its appearance, as its main stalks aim for the sky. When grown enough to release from the ground or a CarSister, it takes on its natural U-shape, as you saw previously, if you have been looking at these pages in order.

Even in its youth, this Vine can condense Dynes on its leaves, but they won't have the full strength that a mature vine would give the Dynes, so Vekkie prefers to allow a DyneOSoar Vine to mature before collecting its condensed DyneDrops.

Drops that condense on an immature vine are often taken in by little forest creatures we don't often see; and these creatures are aided in their growth by the immature Dynes.

If you especially wish to take in immature (unripe) DyneDrops, you will need to go to the Syringe Forest yourself to do so, because Vekkie doesn't collect them for you.

If you take your dog or cat with you on a Dyne-Hunt, let the animal know it must take great care if it licks up any immature Dyne Drops.

Always protect your companion-animal first, please. Thank you.

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CAUTION: Remember that the Dynes, CanoDyne and AnoDyne, are extremely powerful solutions. A very little goes a very long way. The power of these Dynes lies partly in my imagination, and partly in yours. You can combine the two, and add Vekkie's, Little Novie's, Big Vetsie's and the CarSister's imaginations to the power of this literally incredible solution.
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