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Fly-Fishing for the DyneOSoar Vine

Vekkie and Company Fly-Fishing

for a DyneOSoar Vine

Fly-Fishing for the DyneOSoar Vine

[cw10117grz-flyfish.jpg] Vekkie and Company Fly-Fish
for the DyneOSoar Vine
Photo by George [gr10842], edited by Carol

Fly-Fishing for the Vine is a potentially hazardous undertaking

To collect the DyneDrops, Vekkie begins by going Fly-Fishing for a DyneOSoar Vine. Once caught, the Vine is brought Down To Earth, in the Syringe Forest, where it is Held, and nurtured further. When the DyneDrops condense on the leaves, Vekkie collects them in the Vials of Vine.

Expedition Personnel

For a Fly-Fishing Trip, Vekkie takes all precautions, by bringing along her teammates. Well, she wouldn't even get there without them.

Little Novie and Big Vetsie take their Bird-Shapes in order to make the flight, and carry Vekkie and the Attending CarSisters. Each takes one side of the Carry-Net. They fly as needed, pursuing the Soaring DyneOSoar Vines. Little Novie and Big Vetsie have unerring senses of direction, and also, very Scintillating Sensibilities of Scent, so they locate the Soaring Vines quite easily.

CarSisters CarGreenLa and CarIvoryLa provide the Carry-Net on which Vekkie rides, and braces, to hold her Fly-Fishing Rod.

The wonderfully-skilled CarRedLa, Spider ExtraOrdinaire, acts as the Fly, leaping for, and going through, the Catch-Ring of a Soaring DyneOSoar Vine.

As CarRedLa goes through the Catch-Ring, and returns toward the Carry-Net, Vekkie must hold the Rod securely, partly to keep CarRedLa safe, partly simply to avoid losing the DyneOSoar Vine, as its innate Stretching For The Skies provides Opposing Forces to the ones currently Holding it.

Very fortunately, the DyneOSoar Vine can make use of its own DyneDrops, so it doesn't suffer at all when caught and Held. Because it has a Catch-Ring, there is no injury, and no blood. You would not be able to test the Blood Glucose level of a DyneOSoar Vine just because it has been caught and held.

Actually, since a DyneOSoar Vine has no blood at all anyway, there is no problem. It does, though, have lovely, wonderful Sap running through its stalk and veins, which continue to give it strength and vitality throughout its life, which is so long that no living creature has yet been able to measure its lifetime.

Destination of the Held Vine

Once Vekkie and CarRedLa have landed the Held Vine in the Carry-Net, the entire company descends to the Forest Floor in the Syringe Forest, where they do a temporary Planting of the Held Vine. There, they allow any Condensing Dyne Drops to mature, before gathering them into the vials.

You can see a bigger picture of fly-fishing

Fly-fishing: The Big Picture

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