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Field Guide to the DyneOSoar Vine

Carlova's Field Guide

to the DyneOSoar Vine

Nurturing the DyneOSoar Vine

[cw10119z-fgdsoarvine.jpg] CarRedLa Nurtures a Vine
while a mature one soars

CarRedLa Nurtures a Held Vine
A Mature Vine begins to Soar

CarRedLa does most of the nurturing of DyneOSoar Vines in the Syringe Forest, but the other CarSisters sometimes take turns doing this job. They all like doing it, because the DyneOSoar Vines, whether very young or nearing maturity, are very lovely creatures. They have very sweet natures, though the DyneDrops they eventually Condense aren't exactly sweet; rather, they have a somewhat DeVine taste to them, in keeping with the DeBunk theories of Expertise and Evolution.

Features of Nurturing

Whichever CarSister does the nurturing, she sees to it that the Vials grow comfortably and evenly along the main stalks. When need be, the attending CarSister polishes up the Vials a bit, usually using traces of the lovely Sap that runs through the entire Vine. She also sees to it that the Leaves stay comfortable and flexible, and arrange themselves in appropriate positions along the main stalk, to allow Dyne Drops to fall easily into the Vials.

Here, we see CarRedLa holding the Catch-Ring of a nearly-mature DyneOSoar Vine. CarRedLa has just tapped the shoulder of a DyneOSoar Vine who has just now achieved sufficient maturity to leave the Forest Floor, and begin its Soaring Trip to the Skies.

Other CarSisters observe from the trunk of a Syringe-Mark Tree, ready to take over from CarRedLa, should she become tired and need a bit of a rest.

The entire raising of a DyneOSoar Vine, as well as the harvesting of its DyneDrops later, is a team effort. Fortunately, this team is well-coordinated, so the Quality of the DyneDrops remains impeccable at all times.

What happens to Old DyneOSoar Vines?

There has been some discussion about what happens to Very Olde DyneOSoar Vines. They don't show their age, but stay apparently healthy and young. However, they live for so very long that likely, the Skies would become very congested, should more and more Vines keep Soaring from the Syringe Forest.

Vekkie and the CarSisters have suggested that Very Olde DyneOSoar Vines may escape into Infinity, populating Infinite Universes with themselves, providing Dynes wherever they go. I haven't been to other Universes to investigate this possibiity.

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