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CloseUp View of Condensed DyneDrops

Close View of DyneOSoar Leaf

with condensed DyneDrops

DyneDrops: Close-Up View on DyneOSoar Leaf

[cw10116z-dynedrcls.jpg] DyneDrops Condensed on DyneOSoar Leaf

Careful! Seeing these drops
may make you feel thirsty!

Your dog or cat may also feel thirsty when catching a glimpse of these condensed drops. Please ask your companion animal to wait till you can mix up a proper DyneDose; you may promise to deliver one of appropriate concentration, so as to keep your companion at your side, instead of letting your poor creature drift off into infinity.

Especially if your animal is diabetic, and Blood Glucose Levels not yet fully regulated, your animal may be tempted to lick up too many of these condensed drops. So please have a care. Thank you.

Remember, too, that your diabetic - or any - companion animal depends on you for its care. Therefore, you too must avoid the temptation to lick up more than one or two of these condensed DyneDrops.

Probably one or two won't hurt anyBodyBrain.

However, when in doubt, consult your veterinarian. You may even do so for yourself, if your veterinarian is willing.

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CAUTION: Remember that the Dynes, CanoDyne and AnoDyne, are extremely powerful solutions. A very little goes a very long way. The power of these Dynes lies partly in my imagination, and partly in yours. You can combine the two, and add Vekkie's, Little Novie's, Big Vetsie's and the CarSister's imaginations to the power of this literally incredible solution.
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