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Dusty's Soulful look

Dusty puts on a soulful look

[ah1004-dustylogo.jpg] While resting, Dusty communicates.

The Carpet Is Comfortable

And Mum is Home

All is well with the world, since Mum is home, so Dusty enjoys giving her this look. Quite possibly, she has just been pinned to the floor by her younger companion, Dukie, AKA Duke Da Man. Or maybe it was Annie, Dusty's HumanMum, who got pinned.

Dukie has pinned me by email quite a few times, but Dusty stays always stable, and always polite, as good dogs should - mostly - be. Maybe a few exceptions could be allowed here and there, for some tussling, as long as the impetus (emphasis on Imp) comes from the doG.

Nothing - practically nothing - ever fazes Dusty. There is one exception.

Mummy! Eat Fast!

Mum Annie sees to it that Dusty gets her twice-daily insulin shots on time. So, when she had a dinner date, of course she rushed home to get that insulin into Dusty. Dusty really appreciated that! You can see a picture of Dusty's clock at Dusty's Clock.

Flight to the Bridge

Monday, 10 November 2008

Mum helped me to Rainbow Bridge today. I am now playing with my many companions, looking down, and telling Mum - Don't cry - I love you! And I feel SO GOOD! and Thanks!

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