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Camellia and Carol Journal 10

Camellia Journals 10

Day 17 - Rainy Day

Originally posted Tuesday, 31 August 2010; 18:26

I'm not going out in THAT!

I'll stay dry here; thanks

[c106588cdop-cam31aug3.jpg] Yep; I'll stay dry right here.

You're not REALLY expecting me to go out in that wet, are you? Oh, of course not. Thanks. Yeah, I can see the Potty Pen is there; I can use that if I need to, though you see, there are puddles on the FLOOR in the Front Parlor. So I'd get my paws wet. A little. True, not a lot.

Meantime, I can do my Sentrying from the Sentry Bay Window Sill. Yeah; that's fine with me!

Puddle in the Front Parlor

Front Parlor Puddle

[c106589cdop-noc31aug2.jpg] That's a puddle without a Camellia.

That puddle can be there if it wants to, but it will be there without ME in it. No Camellia there. Well, I'll tiptoe through if I need to, but I won't be staying in it.

We DID go for a walk today

Rainy days are a fact of life in our marine climate. It's been a warm, dry summer, which I love, though it can get very hot, and did for a time, so I set up a cooling system with hoses and a fan. But now, we are getting some rain (duh)!

Creatures used to walking twice a day CAN get restless if confined for long periods. For an easy-startling dog, the down-time of being relatively confined is actually good! It helps bring cortisol levels closer to base level, reducing the tendency to startle.

Best, though, to allow a tiny bit of exercise daily, if possible. So, I keep a weather (and lee) eye out on rainy days, watching for possible short breaks in the rain.

We got a break just after 11 this morning, and so, got a 20-minute walk. As we started out, no wet was falling from the sky, but shortly, a very light sprinkle began, and it increased in intensity as we continued our walk, so, about ten minutes out, not wanting Camellia (not to mention me) to get really wet, I turned her and me, and we went home again.

Camellia then did her Identified Flying Object performance in the house, running up and down the long hallway, leaping onto Our Bed, rolling in the bedclothes (smart dog!), leaping off again.

Camellia - my dear buddy - you are truly a charming, delightful, Havanese! Thank you!

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