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Camellia and Carol Journal 8

Camellia Journals 8

Day 11 - Camellia visits the vet

Originally posted Thursday, 26 August 2010; 18:16

Camellia has a wellness exam

I'm tired. It's good to be home.

[c106384cdop-cam26aug4.jpg .jpg] Hey! I'm really HOME! I'm tired.

Camellia's eyes had a slightly sticky discharge; I hadn't had dogs with that before, and I became a bit concerned. I don't fiddle around with eyes, so I took Camellia for her first wellness exam today with my vet of well over 20 years.

Fortunately, the day before (Day 10), I'd lifted Camellia into the car for the first time since Camellia Comeday, and she'd taken very well to that; I then lifted her out again. And, later in the day, I lifted her back in, drove to the now-familiar mailbox, picked up the mail, and drove home again. Again, she took very well to that tiny, tiny trip, without showing signs of undue stress.

Today, with my concern about her eyes, I was very glad I'd pushed that much. Again I lifted her into the car, and this time, drove to town, to the vet's. I walked her around the parking lot; she took to that just fine. Then I tried taking her into the waiting room. Though she avoided advances from the vet staff, otherwise, she did fine.

The vet staff is very savvy, and didn't press Camellia at all. However, it turned out we'd have a two-hour wait for our appointment, so I drove Camellia into town. I left the crate door open, so she had the entire back area of the car to move around in, with a bowl of fresh water available, and she had a choice of sun or shade to rest in.

Three different people came to take a peek at Camellia. She wasn't taking treats, but neither was she particularly shying away.

I left Camellia a couple of times for hrief errands, and she did well with that, too, with bits of complaint-bark, but then she'd settle.

In the waiting room

Back at the vet's, we did a quick parking-lot tour again, and then went into the clinic. Camellia put her paws up on my knees when I sat down, so, for the first time, I lifted her onto my lap. That was our first lap-time together. Camellia seemed quite relaxed there.

But when a charming, slightly nervous (hackles up) moderately to large-sized dog approached very closely to investigate, Camellia gave a goodly snark - a little growl-bark and light air-snap.

The dog-visitor, being very savvy, just moved away, turning his back, and Camellia settled right down again.

Camellia's exam

First, we weighed Camellia, in the Back Room. She didn't step on the scale on her own, so I lifted her on, which she accepted well. She sat still, so we got an easy reading - she weighed 7.8 Kg, or, 17.1 pounds, so DogDaddy George and I had been pretty close when we'd weighed her on Day 4.

Next came the exam on the table in the examining room. Camellia was also very good on the table. Dr. Carla said she had a slight sinus arrhythmia in the heart, but added that was normal, and no cause for concern.

Her eyes were just fine! What I had thought might be a reddish area was merely the third eyelid, showing a bit of its blood supply. How I got fooled! Well, Camellia's eyse are a different SHAPE from the Terrier eyes I'd looked at for so many years! Maybe that's how I got fooled. But I was greatly relieved that we didn't have any eye problems.

Dr. Carla said I could just wipe the eye corners with a warm, damp cloth, and perhaps use some Natural Tears if I wanted to. Actually, I'd already done the Natural Tears a few times, but not the cloth-wiping; I'd just used my thumb.Surely adding the dampness will be of some assistance.

Camellia also had her first application of Advantage, to protect her against fleas, in case I want to take her out and around where fleas are more common than they are around home and along the local roadways. Also, she had a regular dose of de-wormer. Dr. Carla didn't think she needed anything more complex, as her stool was clean on exam.

The exam finished, we went home

Gail Dame had told me Camellia was in excellent health, and of course, she was right, but it's always good for my own vet to be familiar with her, and to have fresh records right there at the clinic.

Before I put Camellia back in the car, I offered her another wander around the parking lot, but she said she didn't need it, so I put her back in the car. By now, the routine and ritual of my lifting her in and out was becoming familiar, therefore, rather easy.

Camellia just settled in her crate for the drive home. Once there, first I unloaded gear and took it into the house, and then returned to lift Camellia down from the car. Again she managed the routine easily. She didn't dawdle, but went easily to be let into the Baffle from the Outer Gate, and then sat to have me take her harness and leash off. Which, of course, I did!

Camellia joined me in the house, and flopped down on the floor. She has a distinctive, yet common, floor-flop gesture - Kwali and Kumbi never did that particular kind of flopping down, but I've seen lots of dogs do it. I just love the gesture, as if to say, "Now, that's done."

For the rest of the day, from early afternoon when we got home, we did nothing. Camellia was distinctly tired. I should think so! Vet trips were always tiring for Kwali and Kumbi, even though they loved our vets. How much more so it must be for Camellia, especially at this early stage of being my companion.

It was also just great to see how well she behaved at the vet's. I put my face down to hers a few times, and she'd nose me a bit, or give me a tiny lick. Ah, dear Camellia, how deeply I'm appreciating you!

I might have additions later.

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