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Camellia and Carol Journal 7

Camellia Journals 7

Day 7 - Camellia uses the Potty Pen

Originally posted Monday, 23 August 2010; 06:23

Camellia uses the Potty Pen

Camellia enters the Potty Pen

[c106148cdop-cam22aug2.jpg] Camellia enters the Potty Pen

When I looked at Bev Dorma's Housetraining method, I was struck by some similarlites to Kate Fulkerson's way of housetraining her Labrador Retriever pups. It's a long time since I've housetrained a puppy, but I used similar methods, adjusted for older pups. Above all, I've provided a Potty Pen that has shelter, to help keep bandaged paws dry - as I've taken various of my dogs through knee surgery, where the bandages MUST be kept dry. (If you follow either of those links, you will need to use your browser's Back button to return here.)

When my fabulous friends in our community rebuilt my Front Stoop, turning it into a Front Parlor, I had to re-locate the Potty Pen, and these friends kindly added it, out to the side of the new Parlor. It's well-sheltered from the elements. On Day 7 of Camellia's being a team with me, to my amazement, I discovered she had used the Potty Pen for its intended purpose, with no direction nor encouragement from me! During our first week together, Camellia has taken to going out on her own, using the dog door, often, to enjoy her Sentry Point at the front edge of the Front Parlor. And on Day 7, with a light sprinkle wetting that front edge, obviously, she had, most fastidiously, chosen to use the sheltered Potty Pen. I caught a picture of her entering it, later in the day.

Camellia gets on the couch

Camellia gets on the couch

[c106170cdop-cam22aug3.jpg] Camellia on the living room couch

When Camellia Came to me, I noticed she was perfectly behaved - including never begging for food, never attending human meals, and NEVER getting on the furniture. Oh, what a well-trained dog she is.

However, in my house, which is a Dog House, dogs are allowed on any furniture they can reach easily, as this is part of our arrangement for dogs to be comfortable. We have, literally, precious little extra space. Also, I REALLY like to have my dogs cuddle with me in or on Our Bed, or on the couch.

Very early Thursday morning - that is, 3:30 a.m. on Day 4, I gave Camellia a boost up onto Our Bed. She settled there very nicely beside me. That was good, because later in the day, she was able to cuddle with DogDaddy George on Our Bed, having only just met him for the first time.

Camellia quickly became accustomed to being allowed on Our Bed; in fact, she seems to believe it's as much hers as mine. This is what I want, though it goes contrary to Rules Made By Humans who fear Natural DoGNess.

Indeed, Our Bed is just that - as much Camellia's as mine, just as it was for Kwali, Kumbi, and their Predecessors.

All the same, I never once saw Camellia get on the couch in the living room - till, on Day 7, I came in and saw her lying on a green towel there, along with the new Green Throw I'd put there after it had picked up Camillia's scent from Our Bed. I was SO pleased to discover that Camellia had gotten up on the couch of her own free will.

I might have additions here later.

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