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Camellia and Carol Journal 4

Camellia Journals 4

Day 4 - Camellia meets her DogDaddy George

Originally posted Saturday, 21 August 2010; 20:54

Camellia takes a treat from George

[c105948cdop-camg19aug2.jpg] Camellia takes treat from George

DogDaddy George gains Camellia's confidence

DogDaddy George has long experience with dogs; most particularly, those we have shared over the years, including, of course, Kwali and Kumbi, for many years. Here, he waits patiently for Camellia to take her treat from him.

Success, of course. George is SO patient.

Camellia weighs about 18 pounds

George and I got an approximate weight on Camellia today, using my home scale. She weighs about 18 pounds, or, 8.2 kilograms.

I'll have detailed additions here as time goes on; for the moment, this is just a sketch, as both Camellia and I are really quite ready for bed as I write this, on Saturday, 21 August 2010.

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