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Camellia and Carol Journal 2

Camellia Journals 2

Day 2 - Camellia meets her godmother, Marg

Originally posted Saturday, 21 August 2010; 20:11

Godmother Meeting Day

Camellia's bangs trimmed

[c105843cdop-cam17aug2.jpg] I trimmed Camellia's bangs

Now Camellia and Eye can see straight

Tuesday 17 August 2010, was another long and hard day for Camellia, though she bore up bravely. I felt such a need to introduce her to her surroundings - took her on two walks in the neighborhood - really, a safety factor, in case she should suddenly find herself outside the yard and house.

Camellia meets Marg, her godmother

Today's highlight was meeting Marg (Parrot Lady), Camellia's godmother. Marg was the first Human besides me to come into the house since Camellia's arrival yesterday.

The meeting was a great success, as Marg is ultra-sensitive to the needs of animals - dogs as well as parrots and other birds. Too bad I didn't get any pictures, but picture-taking would have been distracting from the essences of this meeting.

Marg and I had tea and chatted; Camellia just settled to watch.

I'll have detailed additions here as time goes on; for the moment, this is just a sketch, as both Camellia and I are really quite ready for bed as I write this, on Saturday, 21 August 2010.

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