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Biosponge capsule is full!

One-half teaspoon fills about three and a half capsules

Originally posted Wednesday, 28 October 2009; 19:12:21

Biosponge capsule is full!

[c103948cdop-gelbiful01.jpg] Biosponge capsule is full!

Did it! Success!

Oh, thanks so much, Ron! I actually managed it! This capsule is really quite full, not much air in it.

To use up the full half-teaspoon dose, it took three capsules, and a bit more than half of a fourth. That leaves air in the fouth capsule, but that's apparently not a problem. The air finds its way out of the dog's system, one way or another.

Kumbi's dose was one-half teaspoon per meal, or, three-and-a-half capsules. I filled capsules for seven days, not all at once, though - too tiring.

Kwali, on the other hand, had a dose of a full teaspoon per meal. Happily, SHE ate the Biosponge mixed with her food, so I was spared making seven capsules for her twice each day!

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CREDITS Thanks to pharmacist Ron Kumar, for describing to me the "Powder-Push" method I'm using for the Biosponge "FlyAway" powder.

Thanks to Tech Nancy at Saseenos Veterinary Services, for suggesting the Monoject 412 syringe to get the powder into the gelcaps. This didn't work for Biosponge, but it worked really well for the Tylosin.

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