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I am looking forward to adding stories to this page.

Maybe some of them wiill be yours, if you like.

Kumbi watches over this page. He is a Master of StoryTelling, and loves stories of all kinds.

Any stories posted here are copyright by their writers, and permission is required from the writer if you wish to reproduce the story in any way.

You may send me stories for consideration

Usually I will personally select stories for this page. However, if you have a story you would really like to tell, and believe it fits the tone and style of this site, you may send such a story to me by email, by clicking on my name in the notice at the bottom of this page.

Please remember that you need to send me email in plain text only, until I've notified you that I've whitelisted your email address.

Submit in plain text only, please

All stories should be submitted only in plain text. If I select your story for publication here, I will format the text to suit this site.

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