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The Beloved Singing Manta

The Beloved Singing Manta
Photo by George, edited by Carol

Sniffing is Good Stuff

Kwali! Sniffing is Good Stuff! Don't you say so?

Oh, yes, Kumbi; sniffing is really great stuff. Remember the other day when Mum started playing the shell game with us? Putting bits of yummy food under paper cups?

Yeah, I remememember; that is good stuff. I like to sniff other stuff, too, but it's pretty much fun to find the treat under the cup, and get clicked at the same time.

Yeh, Kumbi, I like that game, too. It tastes good. Sniffing the cup that has the treat under it gets a bit tough after we've had a few already, because hey, your drool is on the board under the cup - but which cup?

Okay, Kwali; that's true, but your drool is on the board, too, and it mixes all up with mine, Not that we drool all that much, though.

True, Kumbi. But we do kind of make wet spots. Tell me about your other sniffing you like so much, and then I'll tell you about mine.

Well, I can sniff a wild rabbit-trail pretty quickly. Those wild rabbits leave Good Stuff in the grass.

Oh, good one, Kumbi. That really is good stuff. I'm glad we don't fight over it. I don't like to fight. There does seem to be plenty of that stuff around when we go out early in the morning.

Sometimes there's Deer Stuff, too; that's pretty good, too.

How about bear scat?

I think you like that stuff better than I do, Kwali. You can have the bear scat.

Okay; thanks; I will. But what's the best? I tell you, Kumbi, it's salal berries! I wish those would grow all year!

Oh my doG, you are so right! Thanks for teaching me about those salal berries! They are about the best there is!

Yeah. It's so much fun - not to mention good exercise requiring that we be very agile - to pull those berries off the branches. Once I almost fell off the Big Rotten Stump, going after those berries. Mum didn't like that; my knee was still so vulnerable. it was hard, too, because I was still on-leash all the time!

Yeah, I had the same thing after my knee surgery. Mum wouldn't even let me up on the Stump then,and you got all the good Stump salal berries, and I had to make do with what was down below.

Cheer up, Kumbi; remember Mum tore off a branch or two and held them for you so you could strip the berries?

Yeah, I remember that, Kwali. That salal spreads pretty well, but Mum stops tearing branches off before long. She said if she tears too many, we won't have berries next year. Not enough to satisfy our voracious Berry Appetites, anyway.

I remememember. Voracious is good. We are almost always voracious. At least, about salal berries. Oh, salmonberries, too.

We Love Beds

Oh, Kumbi, don't you just love Our Bed? I do!

Yeah, I do; I like to dig in the quilt and nest! Oh it's so great!

Well, that's true! You can really make a nest in that loose, bumpy quilt.

I see, Kwali, you like to snuggle up close to Daddy or Mummy and lie half on their shoulders, and then turn your head and lickie, lickie, lickie, washing hands.

Oh, yes; Daddy tastes the best; sometimes I can get up to his elbows. Mummy usually has long sleeves, but I manage to push them up a bit

And I love it when Daddy comes and I trit-trot down the long hallway and jump up on his bed and wait for him to come.along

You surely do, Kumbi, and sometimes, you lie right in my way and I have to angle to get my own jump-up going.

Well, you're getting better at that now, Kwali, now that your knee is a little stronger. My knee is doing okay, thank goodness.

Oh, Kumbi, I'll tell you this: I am so glad that knee surgery is over. I don't ever want to go through that again. There was a time I wondered, when it hurt so much, if it was all worth it. But now, I think it was worth it. I have still about three more months to go before I'm considered healed.

Kwali - I'd sort of forgotten how bad it was with mine last year. Those first four or five days were so bad I almost wanted to die. I'll never forget your coming up and singing me lullabyes, when I felt so terrible.

Kumbi, dear, I couldn't do any less for you; you are my lifelong Buddy.

Well, I feel the same way about you, Kwali. Thanks for being my Buddy Dog, too.

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