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Kwali's Special Guestbook

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Kwali's Guestbook

As Senior Resident
Kwali presides here

Hello! I am the famous loving and energetic Kwali Corazon Houdini Porcupine Twinkletoes.

I have asked Cousin Almali to accept the entries for my guestbook. She has kindly agreed to do this.

How to make your entry here

Send plain-text email only
to make sure we receive it

Please note that all information listed below
is required for Almali to post your entry

In your message, please include the following information:

What is your name (first and last names)?
What name would you like to use to sign your entry?
Where are you from?
What subject line would you like for your entry?
Then write your message and sign it with your real name, please!

What we publish and what we don't

We publish only the signature you desire, but do ask that you provide a signature, as well as your real first and last names. We do not publish email addresses. We do not publish advertising.

Entries may be edited or rejected. To assure your entry gets published, please make your entry suitable for children as well as adults, and avoid any advertising. You may otherwise speak freely. Thank you!

How to send your entry

Write to Almali del Benian

Kwali's Guestbook Entries

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Date: Sunday, 13-Nov-2005 20:01:56 PST
by: Kwali Corazon
From: Coherent Dog Home
Subject: Welcome to my new Guestbook!

After a long hiatus during which a Spam Machine said Hi and Ate Us, Almali and Kumbi and I, always watched by Prancy, have put together new Guestbooks for me and Kumbi. So I would like to welcome you to my new Guestbook. You may also visit Kumbi in his new Guestbook. Thanks for joining us! I look forward to your comments! Kwali Corazon Houdini Porcupine Twnkletoes

 * * * * * * *

Date: Sunday, 13-Nov-2005 23:22:33 PST
by: Jaggeroni Pepperoni Ringtail Big Tan Paws
From: Under the Ebullient Tree
Subject: Cause I wanted a name as long as yours Kwali!

I am signing your "new" agen guestbook, with big tan paws. Hey, where are your old archived guestbook entries? Well, Mum should put her nose to the ground, she could find them. But no, she only used her eyes to look around a bit and didn't see them. I keep telling her its because she needs to scent them! Love, Jobaggober

 * * * * * * *

Date: Saturday, 19-Nov-2005 10:57:16 PST
by: Kumbi Ya Sentry
From: The Front Stoop
Subject: Thanks for the birthday wishes!

Dear Kwali, Oh, gosh, [blush!] thanks for the lovely birthday wishes. Now that I'm NINE whole years old, I don't feel more than a day older than yesterday, but I guess that's how things are! You really are my best buddy, Kwali, even if you're a whole year and a half older than I am - you are never mean to me, and I love you! Love, Kumbi

 * * * * * * *

Date: Thursday, 08-Dec-2005 22:30:59 PST
by: Lionpaws
From: The Other Side of The Tree
Subject: Four More Paws

Dear Kwali and Kumbi~ I know Auntie BraySing has probably mentioned me prior, but now I live with all the Wildlife. I wanted to say hello, and sorry I missed your birthday Kumbi, but the rest of the Baying tells me they all somehow missed it too! So belated happy diggy birthdoGday! I've got more tails from the Tree, but we're supposed to be sleeping now, so I'll bawl out some more Bark for you later! Love, Rawhide

 * * * * * * *

Date: Saturday, 17-Dec-2005 08:03:46 PST
by: Almali
From: The House Next Door
Subject: Testing the newly re-opened guestbooks

Dear Kwali, and Kumbi too, Here I am to see how the new Guestbook setup is working. I hope this works! Are you ready to sniff my entry? You won't chase ME out of your Garden, will you? Naaah, you won't; you'll jump all over me and kiss me! Love, Almali P.S. Now I'd better return to dating these things, to see how much on the ball you are about putting my entry up! Sat, 17 Dec 2005 08:06:38 Love again, Almali again.

 * * * * * * *

Boo! Courtesy of Steve Morley

 * * * * * * *

Date: Thursday, 17 Jul 2008 12:27:31 PDT
by: King Boo Boo Bravo Bravito
From: A Lovely SouthWestern Dusty and Happy Mountainside
Subject: We are the Diabetic Heroes!

Hi Kumbi and Kwali,

This is King Boo Boo Bravo Bravito and my dogmom [Sherry]. is writing this for me. My dogfamily of Christy, Keith and of course my dogdad, John and I, wish to say "Hello". We wanted to let you both and your dogmom know how much we enjoy this site. Me being a diabetic doggy, my dogmom has found this site very useful as well as entertaining! All of the effort that has gone into making this place possible is much appreciated by me and my family. So, keep up the good work!

 * * * * * * *

Date:Thursday, 17 Jul 2008; 15:19:04, PDT
by: Kwali Corazon Houdini Porcupine Twinkletoes
From: The coolth of the Afternoon Forest
Subject: Thank you, King Boo Boo Bravo Bravito!

Hi, dear King Boo Boo Bravo Bravito,

How nice of you to write to us! Kumbi and I decided that since you sent your letter to Kwali's guestbook, we would put it here, But also, since you addressed both of us, we'll reply to you in Kumbi's Guestbook too.

We also talked over the idea of telling a bit of a story on you, and why not! So, see Kumbi's Guestbook for the story.

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