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Kumbi's Special Guestbook

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Kumbi Presides Here

He is our Master StoryTeller and Sentry

Hello! I am the wonderful loving and energetic Kumbi Ya Sentry X. Twitch y Thunderpaws.

I have asked Cousin Almali to accept the entries for my guestbook. She has kindly agreed to do this.

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How to send your entry

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Kumbi's Guestbook Entries

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Date: Sunday, 13-Nov-2005 20:04:02 PST
by: Kumbi Ya Sentry
From: Coherent Dog Home
Subject: Welcome to my new Guestbook!

Dear CoDogs All, Thank you for joining us here in our brand-new Guestbooks! Kwali and I have been missing the Guestbooks a lot; we always love to hear from you. But Mister Nasty Spammer got the better of us for nearly six months, because we aren't Spam-savvy. However, Almali and Kwali and I chewed and licked and licked and chewed, till finally, with a lot of help from Islandnet, including Kerry, Mike, Gary, Rob, and others (with our "Boo" courtesy of Islandnet's Steve Morley - we managed to get our Guestbooks up again! We love your comments, so please come by and say Hi when you can! With so many greetings, Kumbi Ya Sentry X. Twitch y Thunderpaws

 * * * * * * *

Date: Sunday, 13-Nov-2005 23:27:15 PST
by: Strikin' Ya Squiggly Z. Yowl y Thunderbays
From: Beside Jaggeroni
Subject: We Decided on KwaliKumbi Names

Dear Kumbi, Jagger is over in Kwali's guestbook, so I decided to sign here. Before he comes over. He is always coming over to see what I am doing! We also decided we wanted KwaliKumbi Names too. Hope you don't mind that we sort of borrowed your theme, and bayed right off of it! Now our names are as cool as yours! Oh, and Mum REALLY did miss my Thunderbays in the forest tonite. She asked me to stay home, to let my ear stay quiet, so I agreed that was a good thing. But when she got home, she told me that Jagger would bawl treed, and then there was this empty space in the forest, the place where usually I Thunderbay, (REALLY loud, too, unbelievable amount of sound, giving truth to "forte,") to fully anounce the alert, and it was a bit lonesome, not hearing the entire symphony. Something like listening to Mozart Requiem, listening to the "Requi" but not the "em." I think she is hoping my ear heals really FAST! Love, Zobak

 * * * * * * *

Date: Saturday, 19-Nov-2005 10:53:09 PST
by: Kwali Corazon
From: Our House
Subject: Happy Birthday, Dear Kumbi!

Dear Kumbi, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday, dear Kumbi, Happy Birthday tooo youuuu - aroooo! arooooooooooo! And may your days be long and happy too, on your NINTH birthday! (Hey, your nights, toooooo! arooooooooo! Love, from your devoted Buddy Kwali

 * * * * * * *

Boo! Courtesy of Steve Morley

 * * * * * * *

Date:Thursday, 17 Jul 2008; 15:27:59 PDT
by: Kumbi Ya Sentry X. Twitch y Thunderpaws
From: The coolth of the Afternoon Forest
Subject: Thank you, King Boo Boo Bravo Bravito!

Hi, dear King Boo Boo Bravo Bravito,

Kwali has already thanked you for writing to us. We are very glad you like Coherent Dog. We have a lot of fun here!

I, of course, am your Much Older Companion Diabetic Dog! You are just a puppy, as I write this, but oh, my; you certainly have had your share of hard times, and Mum tells us, as reported by YOUR Mum, that you are a Super Duper Trooper! So we are congratulating you for that. Our Mum and Your Mum share the quality of being bulldozers of sorts.

So, dear King Boo Boo Bravo Bravito, here is the story we're telling on you.

You were seen getting up on the table! Where all that luscious Human-Food was. Also, we understand, you get your insulin shots on that same table! Obviously, that doesn't stop you from being a very Enterprising Young Diabetic-Dog. We heard you probably got a few nice licks in of that Human-Food, before somebody might have noticed!

Our Predecessor, Corazon Twinkletoes, was good at getting on tables, too. I get my shots, though, usually, on the floor, less often, on a bed or couch. At first, though, like you, I got them on a table.

For anybody who hasn't seen your Guestbook Entry to both of us, it's available in Kwali's Guestbook. Thanks so much for writing to us!

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