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In Memoriam: Prancy ClawDig WallBounce Tramplepaws

In Memoriam
Prancy ClawDig WallBounce TramplePaws
14 April 1986 - 26 December 2005
Photo by Kwali Corazon

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Coherent Dog Archives to 2006

You are in the Coherent Dog archives, which were last updated in June, 2006. After that, my attention was engaged with Kwali's and Kumbi's illnesses and surgeries, and I didn't return to begin any updating until March, 2008.

To return to the main site, you may click on the masthead - yes; the banner; yes; the picture at the top of this page.

Massive Changes Starting Now

I am changing from HTML to PHP

Sunday, 18 December, 2005, 08:15

I am changing from HTML to PHP, in order to permit scripts that will provide Coherent Dog with a larger measure of flexibility and safety than is possible with HTML coding only.

Coherent Dog may be unavailable for brief periods during the changes; please try again later if you can't reach the site.

Prepare for broken stuff!

I will be changing the entire site all at once, which may easily result in broken links. Please be patient while I clean up anything that gets broken during the change.

Thank you!

Spam Robot Hits Guestbooks

Friday, 16 December, 2005, 21:10

I have closed the guestbooks to entries for the time being, as we have an automated spam machine attacking them, more and more frequently, using methods that bypass my scripting capabilities.

Although I can catch a spammer who uses one machine or a few, this one is using many machines, and I can't keep up with it. I hope to open the guestbooks again one day. Meantime, I'll update the guestbook archive pages when I get time; it might be a week or two before I do.

New Stuff on CoDog

Hllarious Errors Return!

Tuesday, 6 December, 2005, 07:30

With the addition of disk space to Coherent Dog, I have now been able to restore the Hilarious Error pages I took down in mid-May, 2005. I greatly regretted their loss, because I love sharing nonsense visual jokes! And what a novice WebWeaver like me can achieve in the way of Hlarious Errors is considerable.

The pages look a bit different from their first versions, because I updated the navigation areas, and made unique and simple mastheads and footer-strips. The entire area is maze-like, so I now invite you to The Maze of Hilarious Errors.

Kwali's and Kumbi's Journals

Saturday, 19 November, 2005, 19:43

Kwali and Kumbi like to dig, so they dug up their earthy journals, from which they've dissected DeBunk and Singing Manta

Kwali and Kumbi also invite you
To Ramble with them

Monday, 14 November, 2005, 14:30

Their Rambles Page is ready for all CoDog writings. CoCats and CoOthers are welcome too.

Guestbooks Re-open

Friday, 11 November, 2005, 23:05

Kwali and Kumbi have re-opened their guestbooks after a long battle with spammers.

It took us about six months to do this, but we made it.

Kwali invites you to Kwali's Guestbook

And Kumbi, equally enthusiastic, invites you to Kumbi's Guestbook

Fences for dog-safety

Monday, 5 September, 2005

Inspired by a lovely dog and his delightful human

Not long ago, during my brief neighborhood travels, I met a new neighbor: a very charming dog and his equally charming Human Caretaker. The dog has excellent social skills, including the judicious use of calming signals. What a charmer!

Among the articles I hope to post here are some concerning ways to help our companion-dogs remain safe in a partially-hostile human world. I've been having difficulty raising enough joy in myself to tackle topics that can come across like lead balloons falling from the sky to bop us on our heads

I don't like scare-tactics, so I work hard just to lay out possible dangers that I'm aware of, and sometimes have observed, without indulging in unnecessary nightmare-strewing.

As I introduce this new article, on Fences, I thank my new neighbors for the joyful inspiration they, dog and human, gave me, in the hour we played together a few days ago. Of course, I look forward to more play-sessions with these neighbors, when my own dogs' needs permit.

Attribute your Email List Quotes

A How-to article for those who use
Eudora or Outlook Express
or any other software that will quote text

Saturday, 10 September, 2005

I have now revised the article on quoting and attributing quotes to include some mechanical skills you should find helpful.

The article is still in draft form. I intend it to assist anyone who might find it helpful.

While discussing with some friends problems with attributing quotes, I kept running into the annoyance expressed by list-owners and others about people who quote too much, or fail to trim (delete) their quoted material enough for the convenience of other list-members.

However, the issue of attributing quotes is entirely unrelated to the problem of quoting too much or failing to trim posts; both of which are very annoying to many people, so I've also included some assistance for learning to trim posts.

A very few people actually quote without attribution, apparently not realizing that the next person to come along and reply to their post is then likely to mis-attribute that quoted material.

A person who uses the Reply button to reply to that person's message will automatically, and mistakenly, attribute those unattributed quotes to the writer of the original message being replied to.

Not long ago, I saw at least one agonized, "I didn't write that," on this large forum, and later, another, "This quote is misattributed."

It only takes a short period of study of your offline reading/replying software to learn to attribute quotes correctly, at least back to the original message you are quoting, and to learn to delete extraneous quotes..

Therefore, I've provided a short checklist on how to reply to a message, using Eudora or Outlook Express, to attribute the quotes correctly, and to trim the quotes down to the minimum you need in order to suit your message.

In matters of substance, it is extremely rude to quote without attributing the quotes to their originator. I have made a few remarks on that also.

The article How to Quote, is still in draft form. if you have comments or suggestions, you may send me a Comment.

Compliments from Real WebWeavers

Sunday, 31 July, 2005, 22:48

Preparing to make technical changes to Coherent Dog, again I began posting on the WebDeveloper Forums, this time, in the PHP forum, because I need to learn how to change CoDog to PHP in order to use the scripts I want.

In a couple of days, I've had so much excellent help, from bokeh of Alicante (Spain), NogDog of New Jersey, (USA), and Beachside,of Beachside Hosting and Web Design, Marietta, Georgia (USA), that I'm under way learning to make the needed changes, so I'm confident that eventually, with lots of help, I'll manage it.

I don't blush much, but I blushed wildly a couple of weeks ago, and again this afternoon, when I read the following comments, from Web Developer Lindsay Ridgeway, and Web Developer Beachside, both of whom have kindly given permission for me to quote.

From Web Developer and DogTrek owner
Lindsay Ridgeway

In a private message dated Monday, 18 July 2005:

Your hand-crafted HTML is a hundred times, a thousand times more complex than some of my websites. You must spend countless hours getting everything to come out just so.

    -- Lindsay and Lumiere

from Web Developer Beachside
in the WebDeveloper PHP Forum

I know that you have not been doing this for very long, but I believe that after watching your progress here for some time now, that if you got into PHP as wholeheartedly as you did with (x)HTML and CSS you could get it down no problem [smile] and would love it!

    -- Beachside

Well, dear CoDogs, you can imagine my pleasure at the recognition of how care and attention can bring wanted results - when one is so fortunate as to have such excellent assistance and guidance. What gives me joy is the sharing of the work, which is part of my lifetime devotion.

Technical UnderWeaving WebStuff

Sunday, 31 July, 2005, 07:57

In the moments I have between times of DogAttendance, I'm working on making a technical change to CoDog [Coherent Dog) that will allow us to use a particular kind of script for the long-silent guestbooks and blogs - namely, a PHP script. Whatever PHP is. I once heard of PHP, but I've forgotten, and I'll have to study up and report back.

The change requires that I edit every single page, and there are close to 130 pages here, so I am grateful for NoteTabPro, which does lovely things to text files.

Kwali Continues to Recover

Sunday, 31 July, 2005, 07:56

Kwali continues her recovery from surgery to repair her torn cranial cruciate ligament. It's a long haul for all of us; strict rest for 8 weeks, then more strict rest for another eight weeks, but with some prescribed short walks, always on leash.

It's as hard on Kumbi as on Kwali, since Kumbi's exercise in the form of walks out and about is also reduced sharply. But Kumbi is bearing up with endless good sportsdogship. He often comes up close to rest with Kwali in the garden.

Oh, Gentlemanly, Sweet, Sentry Kumbi!


Barbara Ray opens CoHorse

Tuesday, 19 Jul 2005 22:22

Barbara Ray put up her fledgling, spiderling webling horseling dogling singsongling site CoHorse today.

Barbara and I have been working together the last few months, since we discovered how much alike we perceive animals and their doings.

I'm honored to be Barbara's webweaver for the time being, till she gets her webweaving skills built. I need to build a few new ones myelf, and expect to manage, with the help of the technical support people from her web host, Bluehost, my own wonderful web host, Islandnet, and the always-helpful people who contribute to the Web Developer Forums, too!

Carol with Connie Rusgen's Baxter

Carol with Connie Rusgen's Baxter
Photo by Donna Kemp

My Personal Site: My Mission

Whimsical Insights Between Species

Concentrating on Dogs and Humans

This is my personal web site. I devote it to joys in living, particularly, with companion dogs.

I believe a free-associating mind leads us to discovery, so there's a lot of free-association on this site, some of it very whimsical and fantastical.

Don't let that fool you, though. In the last ten or twenty years, dog-studying humans have come up with information that throws new light on dog-being and dog-behavior. On this site, I point the way to what I consider the most useful of this information.

I have a life-long passion for communication, whether with animals or humans.

I believe in paying attention to what life is all about: living to the best of our capabilities.

I play a lot here, and invite you to play with me. Play is one of our finest ways of learning.

I also invite you to read the articles here, to enjoy the photographs, and to follow the leads (links), so you can make use of them as I have done.

Introducing September Morn: Blue? Shoe?

September Morn (yes, that really is her name) has sent, at my request, a lovely article featuring her dog Blue. She wrote it originally to DogTrek, where an active group of trainers and dog-fanciers gathers to discuss training and behavior.

Dog Fanciers will recognize September's name, since she's written several books and published steadily in various dog magazines.

September has indicated she'll send a photo of Blue to accompany the article. She's one of those, "When I get a Round Tuit people," rather like Kwali in certain of her endeavors.

Wednesday, 11 May 2005

Fun and Expectations


A Yahoo Group from Lindsay and Lumiere

A few days ago, Lindsay Ridgeway and his Golden Retriever, Lumiere, opened their new Yahoo Group, DogTrek

Lindsay and Lumiere, along with his wife Renee and her Golden Retriever Gabriel, cordially invite you to nose your way to the new group.

Script Delays

Sunday, 31 July, 2005

Ever since the SpamAttack, the guestbooks have been closed, as the script I was using was of Pre-Spam Time origin, and doesn't protect against such things.

Our script-writer, Steve Morley of Islandnet, got too busy to write our script, oh, how sad! Of course, he's too busy because he and his Islandnet co-owner Mark Morley are too busy always improving Islandnet's services, so Coherent Dog benefits from that work.

However, I am the fool who rushes in where angels fear to tread, so I might attempt to write the script myself, in the usual way I do such things: by copying from others.

Then at the last stage, perhaps Kerry Lange, our fabulous Islandnet Tech Support helper will help me really make sure it works.

When the script is ready and tested, I'll once again invite you to sign the Guestbook

Old Stuff

Eventually, you will find Old Stuff mixed with new on the Runoff page

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