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Kwali Says

If the Shoe Fits, eat it.

She took that remark from her predecessor, Corazon Twinkletoes.

Kumbi Says

Lurk Before You Lip.

He took that remark from his Predecessor, Corazon Twinkletoes.

Kwali Adds

Lip Before You Lurk

She prefers to do things in that order.

Kumbi and the Glass Globe

One chilly, wet morning, as I stepped outside and shut the front door behind me, the glass globe that shelters my outside light fell off and dropped into the very deep, very muddy, perimeter ditch that surrounds my trailer home.

Kumbi wasn't yet fully recovered from knee surgery. He loves to retrieve things, and before I could say Jack Robinson, he was down the slippery mud-slope that descends - and ascends - at about 70 degrees.

Into the ditch, running with flooding rain, he went; he picked up that heavy glass globe, and then, putting much pressure on his mending knee, working very hard to hold that big heavy globe up off the earth, he scrambled up the muddy slope, turned and came onto the front stoop, and delivered the globe to me.

In my next installment, I will post my explanations for Kumbi's UnCommanded, UnOrdered, retrieval of the Glass Globe.

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