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What brought me
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My lifelong passion is communication

All my life I have had a passion for communication with other humans, and also with other species.

I spent my childhood wandering the local woods, climbing trees, feeding chickadees out of my hand, riding my bike to school, my little Sheltie accompanying me. Dougie the Sheltie would wait in the hallway all the school day, and then come home, with me, trotting alongside my bike.

I would try to walk very quietly through the woods, hoping to see wild animals. We had nothing especially exciting, except for the time I saw an albino skunk; I stayed as quiet as possible that day, and crept away, putting all the distance I could between me and the skunk.

My brother and sister each shared some of my interests. It was fun to have siblings, even if we sometimes squabbled. We didn't fight much.

Enlightened parents

My parents guided my education, formal and at home.

In particular, my mother was very observant and enlightened, and even when my brother and sister and I were just small children, she guided us well, teaching us to observe without pre-judging. I value that education as much as any other.

Perpetual Student

I am one of those who never stops studying. To me, watching living creatures, and living with them too, is an endless source of joy.

I studied for many years in formal schools, returning ten years after taking a Masters degree, to take a doctorate in ethnomusicology.

By that time, I was already a mature student. I spent seven years, full-time, studying and doing field research, and was fortunate in having an excellent mentor for my studies.

I deeply treasure that long, long time I had; I learned so much that serves me so well, in communication between cultures and between creatures.

Community and its effects

I grew up in a semi-rural community. After some fifteen years of adult playfulness, studying and travel, I chose again to settle in a semi-rural community, and to put down roots.

It's common, in rural communities for neighbors to help each other out, regardless of differences in orientation, culture, and opinion. I think it's a lot easier for people who live with some space around them to get along with neighbors we see in town when we do our errands, and may not see so often at home, than it is for people who live in crowded conditions in cities.

Invitation to join me

My purpose on this site is to share with you, Our Visitors, the joys in my life.

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